Documented Crew Chiefs for 1969
(Compiled from After Action Reports held by the Marine Corps History and Museum Division.)

Color Codes:  Wounded in Action   Killed in Action

Allen, John W. Cpl Photo/History Lee, Appletones Cpl
Altazan, Kenneth A. Cpl Photo/History Leffler, Richard J. Cpl Photo/History
Bandish, James H. Cpl Photo/History Luke, Staley R. Sgt
Barlow, James J. Sgt Mathias, H. W. LCpl Article
Barnhart, Beverly L. SSgt Photo/History Mattingly, John E. Sgt Article
Bartman, Merel H. Cpl McDade, Terry D. Cpl Photo/History
Barton, Richard J. Cpl Article McDaniel, John T. Cpl Photo/History
Bassett, Charles L. Cpl Photo/History McRae, John W. Sgt Photo/History
Benson, J. O. Cpl Miller, Bert J. Cpl Photo
Bessent, Andrew D. Cpl Miller, Charles W.. Cpl Photo/History
Brank, Walter S. Sgt Article Miller, Donald, R. Cpl Article-Article
Bridgeman, Kenneth L. SSgt Miller, Ralph D. Sgt Article
Brown, Marvin F. Sgt Photo/History Mills, Stephen W. Cpl Article-Article
Brush, Arden P. Cpl Neuman, Larry M. Cpl Photo/History
Case, Floyd E. Cpl Photo/History Nolan, John F. Cpl Photo/History
Cavins, Denver Cpl Photo Oliphant, Jack E. Sgt Article
Clapper, Jerry D. Cpl Pankuch, Bruce A. PFC Article-Article
Clausen, Raymond M. LCpl Photo/History Peddy, Charles L. PFC Photo-Article
Collier, Cecil A. LCpl Article-Article Peterson, Dennis J. SSgt History
Crider, John D. Cpl Photo/History Raymond, John GySgt Photo-Article
Dabrowski, George W. LCpl Article Reiner, Dean A. Cpl Photo/History
Dautriel, Ned L. Cpl Rhodes, Dennis T. MGySgt Photo/History
DeHaan, James J. Cpl Rogers, Gary D. Sgt Photo/History
Edwards, Francis K. Cpl Sawyer, Kenneth V. Sgt Photo/History
Ellsworth, Lawrence J. PFC Article Steinberg, Robert B. Cpl Photo/History
Federer, Bruce I. Sgt Photo/History Swain, Robert B. SSgt Photo-Article
Ganey, Jerry D. Cpl Article Takovich, P. C. Cpl Article
Gomez, Ernesto Cpl Photo/History Vance, James R. SSgt Photo/History
Gruenewald, John F.  Sgt Photo/History Velleux, Michael E. Cpl Photo-Article
Harris, Albert D. Cpl History Wallace, Lawrence Cpl Article-Article
Hetrick, David P. Cpl Weller, Donald M. Sgt Photo
Hill, William N. Sgt Photo/History West, Raymond G. Cpl
Horton, Kenneth R. Cpl Wharton, George W. Cpl Photo-Article
Johnson, Joe V. Sgt Photo/History White, Thomas E. Cpl Photo
Johnson, M. S.  Cpl Williams, Foyster Sgt Photo-Article
Johnson, Royce B. Sgt History Winter, Allen L. Cpl Photo
LaSac, Leonard L. Cpl Photo/History
Additions to be incorporated
Simpson, G. A. Rank?
Breazeale, Douglas R. Cpl Photo/Article
Harrell, Milton W.  Cpl.

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