Jan. 24, 1969 Shoot Down of YK-22

From left, copilot Lt. Pat Donovan, right gunner Cpl. M. S. Opalka, crew chief Cpl. Michael E. Velleux, left gunner Sgt. Dolph Quijano and pilot Lt. Donald Robins.  Photo was taken at a fire base several clicks north of Thong Duc on the western end of Charlie Ridge known as LZ Pike.  The hydraulic line being held is the one that was shot out resulting in the loss of both the auxiliary and #2 hydraulic boost systems.  The crimp in the line was only the size of a clipped finger nail, but at that amount of pressure the entire aircraft and crew was covered with hydraulic fluid. 

Information provided by:
     Maj. Joseph P. Donovan, USMC (Vet)
     LtCol. Richard L. Bianchino, USMC (Ret)
     Cpl. Michael E. Velleux, USMC (Vet)
     Sgt. Adolfo "Dolph" Quijano, Jr., USMC (Vet)

After Action Report

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