John W. Allen

12-20-67 - Cpl. John W. Allen's 1st Single Mission Air Medal

03-12-68 - Crew Chief for Capt. Robert C. Moore's DFC

11-20-68 - Crew Chief for Lt. Maurice J. Quinlan's DFC

02-07-69 - Crew Chief for Lt. Thomas J. Sullivan's Silver Star

02-26-69 - Cpl. John W. Allen's 5th Single Mission Air Medal

02-28-69 - Cpl. John W. Allen's Navy Commendation Medal

04-08-69 - Crew Chief for Lt. William A. Beebe's Silver Star

04-28-69 - Cpl. John W. Allen's 6th Single Mission Air Medal

07-27-70 - Sgt. John W. Allen's DFC

11-07-70 - Maj. Duane S. Jensen's Silver Star Medal

Various  - Sgt. John W. Allen's Short but Vivid Memories

Cpl. Allen earned  96 Air Medals (Strike/Flight Awards)
and at Least Six Single Mission Air Medals

MAG-16 Command Chronology:  19 June 1969, 39 miles southwest of DaNang.  During an emergency recon extraction received small arms fire while hovering over the zone.  Allen received missile wound to his right leg with open compound fracture of right tibia.