The Distinguished Flying Cross


                     The  President  of  the  United States  takes pride  in presenting the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS posthumously to


for service as set forth in the following


          "For heroism and extraordinary achievement in  aerial flight while serving with  Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364  in  the  Republic of Vietnam on 12 February 1969.   First Lieutenant Armenio  launched  as  Copilot  aboard  the lead  aircraft  in a flight of two CH-46 transport  helicopters assigned the emerg- ency medical evacuation of  a casualty from a Second Republic of Korea Marine Brigade  unit  heavily  engaged  with  a  hostile  force  in  Quang Nam Province.  Forced to abort  his first approach because of  the intensity of the enemy fire, he requested the Korean Marines to  pinpoint the hostile position by ground flares, skillfully  monitoring his instruments  and controls and coordinating  his second approach  with  the supporting  fire of Marine  gunships as he  aided his pilot  in landing in the fire-swept area.   Quickly embarking the wounded man, he cleared his  aircraft  to depart  the hazardous area and  proceeded to the nearest medical facility.   Forced  to ground  his  CH-46 because  of extensive  battle  damage, he obtained another helicopter when  informed that  three more casualties  required immediate  extraction  at  the same landing  zone  and resolutely returned to the dangerous area.   Undaunted by the extremely heavy volume of enemy fire again directed  against his  CH-46  and  the  lack of gunship support,  First Lieutenant Armenio boldly assisted his  aircraft  commander  in  maneuvering  through  the withering fire to land near the injured men.   Ignoring the hostile rounds impact- ing in the area, he directed his aerial gunners  in  the  delivery  of  such  effective suppressive  fire  that  the  casualties  were   quickly  embarked  and  the  CH-46 departed  the   fire-swept  area   and  proceeded  to  the   medical  facility.   First Lieutenant Armenio's courage, superior airmanship and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of great  personal danger were instrumental in saving the lives of the  Korean  Marines  and  were in  keeping  with the  highest  traditions  of  the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service."

For the President

/s/ L. F. Chapman, Jr.

Commandant of the Marine Corps


Crew of YK-4

1stLt. John L. Brennan Pilot
1stLt. Robert W. Armenio Copilot
Rank?? G. A. Simpson Crew Chief
Rank?? Simpson Gunner
LCpl. W. Sarrellana * Gunner
HN Ron Franz Corpsman
* MAG-16 Command Chronology states LCpl. W. Sarrellana
of HMM-364 was awarded a Single Mission Air Medal

After Action Report

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