Cpl. Douglas R. Breazeale


Looking through the list of crew chiefs on the Purple Foxes website and I don't see my father there.  He was a crew chief in the Purple Foxes, his SRB says he was in-country 69-70, his name was Cpl Douglas Ray Breazeale.  He always talked about being a crew chief.  He passed away in 1989, but he was always very proud to be a Purple Fox, and a crew chief.

By the way, I found the attached photo in his things with no note on the back.  I would sure like to find out who this group of Marines are.  I just noticed that in the center of the photo, there is someone wearing a flight jacket on the radio.  I know nothing about this photo except that my dad had it, and I presume it was in Vietnam.

Pictured here in the darkness of the triple canopy which engulfed YK-13 are the seven Purple Foxes and six grunts who were providing security for the recovery mission. 

YK-13 Crashed in the vicinity of the Hai Vanh Pass

You know, I've been going on your website for several years now, and I think that you have enough material for a book here.  I think someone needs to write a book on the history of the Purple Foxes.  It's a piece of Marine Corps Aviation history that we cannot lose or forget.  

Anyways, thanks for all the work you do for the "Foxes", and for all who served

Semper Fi,

Ben Breazeale
(Cpl USMC '92-'96)

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