The Crew Chiefs of HMM-364

History has recorded their statistical data but recognition is now being given to the "heart" of our Crew Chiefs:
In silence we now reflect . . . on their quiet resolve, their sound judgment, their wisdom to do the right thing at the right moment, and their undeniable courage to voluntarily fly through the "Gates of Hell."  We recall the deafening clamor and noise of combat operations and landing zones, where each are remembered, some by silent prayer but all with heads held high, as praised by us, their fellow Marines and Navy Corpsmen, who hold our Crew Chiefs in the highest personal and professional regard.
First tested in Boot Camp, then by the discipline of Maintenance Schools, our Crew Chiefs acquired a store of skill and knowledge that well served the entire crews of our helicopters.  In the deafening mayhem of battle, at LZ touch down and "ramp down", they are known by all who observed their outstanding performance, time and time again.
For those readers seeking to appreciate the full measure of praise for our Crew Chiefs, imagine any possible injury, mishap, battle damage, miscalculation or tactical change of situation.  Our Crew Chiefs were there and then ready, willing and able to provide leadership and instinctive ability, to solve any problem.
It is a simple fact . . . our Crew Chiefs knew every performance limit of their helicopters, every tolerance of every component, and recognized in them- selves and their Marine Air Ground Team the ability to overcome all challenges to successfully accomplish any assigned mission.  They resolutely fulfilled their duties without once seeking personal recognition, though much is now deserved.
In sustained persistent excellence our Crew Chiefs spent very few hours relaxing.  For weeks and months on end they were, preparing, flying and repairing for the next launch with scant sleep, only to rearm and start all over again.  Their pride in their job was evident in the persistent and resilient "Up" status of their aircraft, achieved as each would agree was made possible by the mechanics from the various other shops at their side.  These Marines, and Navy Corpsmen, at their side made history when none had any time available to write it down.
Today Combat Air Crew Wings and their smiles say it all.  Whether their praise is spoken in memory of those Crew Chiefs who placed them- selves last while placing others first, or hailed in person and in reunion, they know we appreciate them for what they are, and always remain, for us all:
"The Best Of The Best"

Crew Chiefs By Year Group
(Their photos and history as it is known)

1965 - 1966
1969 1970 - 1971

Audio Tributes to Our Crew Chiefs

I Got No Friends

Man in the Doorway

Where Do Crew Chiefs Come From?
(A personal account of becoming a crew chief)

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