Documented Crew Chiefs for 84-89

Color Code: CH-53 (Attached)
*Killed on Active Duty, Non Combat

Name Rank Years
Aguon, Peter  T. GySgt 86-88
Anderson, D.L. LCpl 1986
Ayotte, J. LCpl 1986
Bilodeau, Mike D.  LCpl 86
Brown, Kenneth W. Sgt 85-90
Canoy, J.E. LCpl 86
Carlucci, Joe A. LCpl 86
Cleaves, Dennis Cpl 85-87
Conn, P.D. Cpl 86
Craythorn, Allen J. Cpl 86-88
Curtis, George T. MSgt 85-86
Domitrovits, Lenny R. Cpl 85-87
Dreyer, R. A. Cpl 86
Frizell, ? GySgt 85
Gillespie, Eric T.  Cpl 86-88
Gorrebeeck, David A. Sgt 86-88
Grabar, Stewart M.  Cpl 85-87
Hopp, Robin R. Sgt 86-88
Kelly, Joe A.  Sgt 85-88
Kitner, Kurt L. LCpl 86
Krasnow, J.E. LCpl 86
Lamppitoc, Darryl Cpl 84-85
Moore, A.G. SSgt 85-87
Nevins, D.J. LCpl 86-88
Paredes LCpl 87-88
Parks, J.R. Cpl 86
Retterer, Anthony F. Sgt 85-87
Rhodes, J.S. Cpl 86
Simpson, Mike R. LCpl 85-86
Skorniak, R.A. LCpl 86
Smitheal, Robeert W. Cpl 84-88
Staffoed, Tom E. Cpl 86
Staggs, J.D. Sgt 86
Steindel,  ? Cpl 86
Strother, Furman G. LCpl 85-87
Villagomez, J. E. Cpl 86
Wynne, P. F. LCpl 86

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