Documented Crew Chiefs for 1964
(Compiled from After Action Reports held by the Marine Corps History and Museum Division.)

Color Code: Wounded in Action

Abeyta, Jose G. SSgt Photo Linson, Herbert W. Cpl Photo Do Xa
Barge, Norman D. Sgt Photo-Do Xa Malea, Ervin S. SSgt Photo/History
Barnes, Gordon J. Sgt Photo/History Mayerhoffer, Robert W. Sgt Photo
Blankenship, Donald R. Sgt Photo-Do Xa Mossman, Jack E. Sgt Photo-Do Xa
Branum, William D. Sgt Photo-Do Xa Orkish, John M. Sgt Photo-Do Xa
Carl, Paul J. Sgt Photo Overstreet, David H. SSgt Photo-Do Xa
Creque, Gerald L. Sgt Photo-Do Xa Patchen, Raymond E. Sgt Photo-Do Xa
Curtis, Thomas L. Sgt Photo Pavan, Donald P. SSgt Photo-Do Xa
Davis, Robert W. Cpl Photo Do Xa Perkins, James W. Sgt Photo/History
Dodds, George H. Sgt Photo/History Poynter, Robert G. Sgt Photo
Elliott, Gene T. GySgt Photo Quick, Larry E. Sgt Photo
Eno, Eddie R. Sgt Photo Robertson, Arch A. Sgt Photo
Fox, James S. Sgt Photo/History Schafer, John M. Sgt Photo
Gale, Donald C. SSgt Photo/History Shane, Robert D. GySgt Photo/History
Garcia, Howard Sgt Photo/History Sumner, Norman B. Sgt Photo/History
Glenn, Gerald V. Sgt. Photo/History Talmadge, R. W. SSgt Photo
Jenkins, Robert K. Sgt Photo-Do Xa Thomas, Gerald M. Sgt Photo/History
Lamere, Thomas C. SSgt Photo-Do Xa Wood, Larry L. Cpl PhotoDo Xa

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