Crew Chiefs for 1965 - 1966
After Action Reports not Available.
 Compiled from the memories of our Marines

Color Codes:  Wounded in Action   Killed in Action

Abeyta, Jose G. SSgt Photo Lamere, Thomas C. SSgt Photo/History
Alfier, Donald E. Sgt Photo- Article Lawson, Ralph D. SSgt
Anderson, Floyd L. Cpl Photo Lay, Ronald A. SSgt Photo/History
Anderson, F. S.  Sgt Photo Lindsey, R. H. Sgt Photo
Barlow, Joseph E. Cpl Photo Linson, Herbert W. Cpl Photo - Article
Barnes, Gordon J. Sgt Photo/History Martinez, M. C. SSgt Photo
Bass, H. S.  SSgt Photo Moon, L. W. GySgt Photo
Baumgardner, David T. Cpl Photo Mossman, Jack E. Sgt Photo - Article
Branum, William D. Sgt Photo -Article Nostitz, M. C. LCpl Photo
Christman, Robert W. SSgt Photo Ojeda, Marshall Cpl Photo
Clark-Cone, Robert E. Cpl Photo - Article Ose, J. P. Sgt Photo
Cook, R. L.  Sgt Photo            Overstreet, David H. SSgt Photo -Article
Comola, Billo "Mike" Cpl Petty, Ramond E. Cpl Photo
Curtis, Thomas L. Cpl Photo-Article Poynter, Robert G. Sgt Photo
Dalbec, Frederick J. LCpl Photo Reeves, H. M.  SSgt Photo
Day, John R. Sgt Photo Rich, William J. Sgt Photo
Dodd, Richard W. Cpl Photo Ross, K. G. Sgt Photo
Dodds, George H. Sgt Photo/History Shane, Robert D. GySgt Photo/History
Dornewass, Wolfhard R. Sgt Photo/History Spranger, Dave Sgt Photo - Article
Fitzgerald, J. E.  Sgt Photo Sumner, Norman B. Sgt Photo/History
Glenn, Gerald V. Sgt Photo/History Thomas, Gerald M. Sgt Photo/History
Gonzales, H. T. SSgt Photo Tilley, R. T. LCpl Photo
Hastings, B. J. GySgt Photo Vance, James R. Sgt Photo/History
Horn, Theldon C. GySgt Photo/History Vanhouten, J. R. LCpl Photo
Hunt, C. L. LCpl Photo Wells, C. L. Sgt Photo
Isaacson, Jerry E. Cpl Photo Wells, John M. Sgt. Photo
Jackson. William J. Sgt White, Robert H. Cpl Photo -Article
Jackson, Willie Sgt Photo Wills, J. D. Sgt
Jefferson, L. R. GySgt Photo Wills, W. E. SSgt Photo
Jenkins, Robert K. Sgt Photo -Article Young, Benny Sgt Photo
Jones, Billy Joe Sgt Photo
Kozak, Edward J. LCpl Photo/Article
Lopez, Frank Cpl Photo

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