Sgt. Foyster Williams (69-70) Remembers

I remember being the crew chief on what I believe was to be the first combat paratroop drop out of a CH-46.  I think it was early 1970, I know  they were recon, and I think there were six or eight men.  It was along a shoreline.  They were to contact us within about twenty minutes. 1stLt. L. C. Christy was the pilot and Cpl. Martin L. Edwards was my left gunner.  After the drop we left the area, went out to sea and circled for about fifty minutes but we did not hear a word.  We were afraid  to go in too close to check on them for fear the Viet Cong would know something was up.  I tried to check a few days later but no one knew anything.  I always wondered what happen to them, if they ever made it back or not .  Maybe someone else can help or add more to this.

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