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Hill 881South, The Siege of Khe Sanh
All Gave Some . . . Some Gave All

26 December 1967 - 17 April 1968

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Warriors Assigned to Hill 881S
A Hallowed and Protected Listing
(Eligibility Requirements)

Addington, Ray "Big D"  Sgt. - Perimeter Sector NCOIC, I/3/26-(Photo, Narrative)
Addison, Robert L.  LCpl.  - Mortarman, I/3/26
Allen, Daniel,  Cpl. - Machine Gunner, I/3/26
Allen, Fulton "Fuzzy" Cpl.- Machine Gunner, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Alvarez, Andrew J. Cpl - Rifleman, I/3/26
Ammon, William Resor  2ndLt. - Platoon Commander,  M/3/26  -(Photo, Narrative)
Anderson, David M.  LCpl. -  Radioman, 2nd Platoon,  M/3/26-(Photo)
Andrews, Dennis D. 1stLt. - Platoon Commander, M/3/26 (Narrative)-
Arrotta, Robert J.  Cpl.  - Fwd.  Air Cont., H&S/3/26 ---(Photo,  9 Narratives)
Assum, David P.  LCpl. - Helicopter Support Team, A/3dSP-Bn.-(Photo, 2 Narritives)
Barczay, George T. Cpl - Radio Operator, 1st Plt. I/3/26-(Photo, Narrative)
Bartleson, Anthony "Bart"  LCpl. - 105mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13-(Photo)
Bayko, Mike LCpl. - 60mm Mortars/3.5" Rockets, I/3/26 
Beddoe, Paul Melvin, Jr. PFC. - Team Barkwood, Bravo Co. 3rd Recon -(Photo, Narratives)-
Berger, William C. HM-3 -
Corpsman, Weapons Platoon I/3/26  

Bergman, Chris A. HN - Corpsman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Biondo, Thomas C. H.  1stLt. - OIC 105mm Howitzer Section, C/1/13-(Narrative)-(Photo)
Blackmon, Moszell Jr. Sgt. - Squad Leader, 2nd Plt., I/3/26 
Blair, Evon  Pfc. -Rifleman, I/3/26
Boudria, Lawrence J.  2ndLt. - 3rd PltCdr, I/3/26
Bowling, Ronald V.  HM3 - Corpsman, H&S/3/26-(Photo, Narrative)-
Bowman, Michael  LCpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26
Brain, Michael D.  LCpl. - Gunner, 105mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13
Brewer, Kenneth O. "KO" Cpl. - Radioman, I/3/26-(Photo,  Narrative)--
Brice, John R.   Pvt. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo, Narrative)
Brindley, James - Honorary Member, Brother of Thomas D. Brindly below.
Brindley, Thomas Drew  2ndLt. - 3rd PltCdr, I/3/26 - (Photo,  Narrative)--
Brittle, Adrian Coogie, Jr.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Brown, Dwight L. "Butch"  LCpl. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Brown, Marvin C. "Brownie"  Cpl. - Radio Operator, H&S/3/26--(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Bryan, Charles W. Cpl. -  Team Leader,  Bravo Co. 3rd Recon-(Photo, 7 Narratives) -
Burke, Scott "Stoney" Sgt. - Rifleman, I/3/26 
Burns, Kenneth W. Cpl. - 60mm Mortarman, M/3/26- (Narrative)
Cardines, Patrick  LCpl. - Target Spotter, I/3/26
Carnahan, Robert G. Cpl. - 105mm Howitzer Section Leader, C/1/13 (Photo)
Catrin, Jesse PFC - 105mm Howitzer Det.,C/1/13 
Caulfield, Matthew P.  Maj. - Operations Officer, 3/26-(Photo)
Chamberlain, Del. - 81mm Mortarman, I/3/26
Chilton, Kenneth L. PFC - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Christian, Byron E.  SSgt. - Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26 -(Narrative)
Chubb, Dale H.  Sgt. - Plt. Sgt., Sniper Platoon, HqCo, 26th Marines
Clow, Gordon, F.  PFC - Rifleman, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26 (Narrative)
Cole, Harry Blake "HB" or "Stickman" - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26 (Narrative)
Collins, James Alfred  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Narrative)--
Coniff, Bob Cpl. - Squad Leader, 1st Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)--(Narrative)-(Narrative)
Cotten, Richard P.  Sgt. - 2d Platoon Guide, I/3/26-
Cox, James D., Cpl, RTO w/ C Battery
Crabtree, Martin LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Crenshaw, Carlton B.  1stLt. - OIC 105mm How. Det, C/1/13 -(Photo, 2 Narratives)-
Critchfield, Reece, A., Jr.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Narrative)
Cullen, Michael F. LCpl. - Rifleman, 1st Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Cupps, Albert J. "Al"  SSgt. - Platoon Sgt. Weapons Platton, M/3/26-(Photo) 
Dabney, William  H. "Bill"  Capt. - CO, I/3/26 -(Photo,  16 Narratives)-
Darling, Richard R. PFC. - Rifleman, 1st Platoon, I/3/26-(Narrative)
Darrell, Joe B. LCpl. - Rifleman, 1st Platoon, M/3/26-(Photo)
Deahl, Richard S. PFC. - CO's Body Guard, M/3/26
Dearing, Jerry Wayne, PFC. - Recoilless Rifleman, H&S/3/26 - (Photo, Narrative)
DeArmond, Robert L.  GySgt. - Company Gunnery Sergeant, I/3/26 --(Photo)
Di Giampaolo, Michael A. "Ditty Bop"  PFC. - Machine Gunner, 2d Plt., I/3/26-(Photo)
DeLuca, Robert J. LCpl - 60mm Mortarman I/3/26 (Photo)
Dionne, Michael J.  PFC. - 60mm Mortarman, I/3/26
Doan, John PFC- 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Domingue, Glynn M. "Mike" Sgt. - Squad Leader, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26 (Narrative)-(Photo)
Dooley, Robert Ellis, PFC.  - Rifleman, M/3/26 -(2 Narratives)-
Dubose, Thomas A.  Sgt. - 2nd Plt. Squad Leader, I/3/26 -
Dunlap, Darrell Edward Pvt. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Photo , Narrative)
Dworsky, Richard F. "Ski"  1stLt. - Wpn. Plt. Cmdr., I/3/26-(Photo, 2 Narratives)-
Emro, John Cpl - Rifleman, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26 -(Photo) -
Echols, Ronald E.  SSgt. - Platoon Commander, 1st Plt., M/3/26 -(Photo)-(Narrative)
Elrod, M. G.  Cpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Esslinger, John T. "Tom"  1stLt. - CO, M/3/26 -(Photo, 5 Narratives)
Eyman, Malcolm HM3 - Corpsman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Felton, Roy W. Cpl. - Scout/Sniper, 3/26 
Fields, Karl S.  Cpl. - Rifleman, 1st Platoon,  I/3/26--(Narrative)-(Narrative)
Finley, Charles Richard  PFC. - Rifleman, M/3/26 -(Photo, Narrative)
Fisher, Dan LCpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26 - (Photo)
Foley, Richard M. Jr.  1stLt. - Executive Officer, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Ford, Ronald W.   Cpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)
Fordham, Benjamin Stephen  1stLt. -1st PltCdr, K/3/26 -(Photo, Narrative)
Francavilla, John F.  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Photo, Narrative)
Frank, Don Carlos LCpl - Rifleman, I/3/26
Fromme, Harry  F.  2ndLt. - Platoon Commander, I/3/26 --(Photo)--(Narrative)
Garcia, First? Rank? Billet?-(Photo) 
Gerrard, William J.  HM2 - Senior Corpsman, M/3/26-(Narrative)
Gilece, John J.  Capt. - CO, M/3/26 (20 Jan - 9 Feb 68)
Gladden, Earl E.  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -
Glover, Thomas H.  LCpl. - Gunner, 105mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13 
Golz, James Roland  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Narrative)
Gomez, Rudolph D. LCpl. - Rifleman, 3rd Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)
Gonzalez, Luis Duran LCpl. Rifleman, UNIT?? (group Photo)
Gordon, Lance PFC - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Gore, Larry R. "Beaver" Cpl. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-
Grigsby, Jerome Cpl. - Machine Gunner, Weapons Plt., I/3/26
Guerra, Lionel Cpl. - Asst. Team Barkwood Leader, Bravo Co. 3rd Recon -(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Hartung, Theodore C.  PFC -Rifleman, 3rd Platoon, I/3/26 
Harriman, Ron, Sgt.
Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Platoon, M/3/26
Hassick, Michael  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)
Hawkins, Joseph Y. "Jody"  Cpl - Machine Gunner, I/3/26-(Photo)
Hawkins, Rick  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 
erring, John Howard. LCpl. - 1st PLt. M/3/26
Higgins, Jerry A. LCpl. - Wireman, H&S/3/26 (Photo)
Hillmann, Richard E. Cpl. - Radio Operator, C/1/13-(Photo)
Hinz, Kenneth E. PFC. - Radioman, I/3/26-(Photo, Obituary)
Hoapili, John Sgt. - Platoon Sergeant, I/3/26 
Hollis, Thomas William LCpl. - Team Barkwood, Bravo Co. 3rd Recon - (Photo, Narrative)
Howe, Jack H. PFC. - Radioman, 81mm Mortars, H&S/3/26
Hubbard, William Sgt. - NCOIC Fire Direction Control, C/1/13
Hunke, Thomas PFC. - Rifleman, 1st Platoon, I/3/26
Huse, Earl, W. Cpl. - Wireman, H&S/3/26  (Narrative)

Hutsler, Bill C. "Huts" 1stLt. - XO, M/3/26 
Jackson, Charles A.
Jackson, Charles W. , Jr. "Super Splib" PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Jackson, Toby LCpl. - Tactical Air Control Party, H&S/3/26-r-(Photo)
Jenkins, Harry W.  Capt. - CO, M/3/26 (11 - 17 Apr 68)
Jessup, Daniel G.  Sgt. - Platoon Sergeant, I/3/26 --(Photo)-(Narrative)
Johnson, A.  Sgt. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Johnson, Paul L. PFC - Weapons Platoon, I/3/26
Johnson, Terry Melvin Pfc. - Rifleman, I/3/26 (Narrative)
Joliet, Gary L.  Pvt. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)-(Narrative)
Jones, Joseph M. "Sgt. Rock"  Sgt. - Right Guide, 1st Plt.  I/3/26-(Photo, 5 Narratives)
Jordan, James E. "Jimmy" LCpl.  - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26
Kaloian, Alan PFC. - Gunner, 105 Howitzer Det., C/1/13
Kilbride, Jack P. PFC. - Machine Gunner, I/3/26
King, DeWayne  LCpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26 - (Photo, Narrative)
King, James, L/CPL, Weapons Platoon M/3/26 ( Photo 1, Photo 2 )
King, Jerry W. HM3 - Corpsman, M/3/26-(Photo, Narrative)
Kingston, Thomas Lloyd  LCpl.  - Rifleman, I/3/26 --(Photo, 3 Narratives)
Klopchin, Michael J. "Klopch"  Cpl. - Ordnance Repairman, FLSU Bravo-(Photo)
Knowles, L. D.  Sgt. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Krage, B. E.  Sgt. - Rifleman, I/3/26 - (BSM?)
Krajnik, Daryl L.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Kron, David Cpl. - Radioman. C/1/13-(Photo, Narrative)
Lance, Gordon W. PFC. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26
Lane, Louis M. Sgt - Rifleman, K/3/26, KIA 9 APRIL 68
Leasure, Delbert Louis Cpl. - 105mm How Det, C/1/13 -(Photo, 3  Narratives)
Leasure, Forrest W. - Honorary Member, Brother of Cpl. Delbert L. Leasure Above
Leasure, Norbert -Honorary Member, Brother of Cpl. Delbert L.  Leasure Above 
Lee, Michael  PFC. - Helicopter Support Team, C/3dSP Bn.--(Narrative)
Lemay, Robert R. "Omar" PFC. - 60mm Mortarman, I/3/26
Lewis, Ray W.  LCpl. -Radioman, H&S/3/26
LLanes, Harold LCpl. Radioman, Mike Co.
Lloyd, Daniel H. "Sgt Ugly" Sgt. - Right Guide, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)
Locklear, Gary,  LCpl - Helicopter Support Team, A/3dSP (Photo)
Loersch, Phillip E. "Phill" LCpl. - Rifleman, 1st Plt. M/3/26-(Photo)
Lord, Herrick R. Cpl. - Machine Gunner, M/3/26 -(Photo)
Luther, Larry  Capt. - CO I/3/26 (13 - 17 Apr 68)
MacKenzie, Dean "Mac" PFC. - Rifleman, M/3/26
MacLeod, Sidney B., Jr. Cpl. - 60mm Mortar Squad Leader, M/3/26 - (Photo, Narrative)
Mahone, Michael   Cpl. - 2nd Platoon  Guide, I/3/26-(Narrative)
Malensky, David  J.  Cpl. -Recoilless Rifleman, I/3/26 - (Narrative)
Maley, M. R.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Mannion, Dennis M.  Cpl. - Forward Observer, C/1/13-(Photo, 2  Narratives)
Mansbach, Thomas  PFC. - Machine Gunner, 3rd Plt, I/3/26
Marquardt, Alvin J. "Al" - 81mm Mortarman, H&s/3/26
Martin, Charles S. "Marty" LCpl - Squad Ldr. 1st Platoon, M/3/26-(Photo)-
Martin, R. Gregory "Greg"  Cpl - Squad Leader, 1st Platoon, I/3/26
Mason, Lyle Dean LCpl - 81mm Mortarman, H&S 3/26 (Photo)
Mathis, James R.  HM2 (USN) - Corpsman, H&S/3/26--(Photo,  3 Narratives)--
Matthews, Owen S.  2ndLt. - 2nd PltCdr, I/3/26-(Narrative)-(#2)
Matthews, William L., Jr. LCpl. - Wireman, H&S/3/26
McCarty, Charles L. "Charlie" LCpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
McClinten, Titus Sgt. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
McCready, Daniel J. "Stretch" PFC. - Radioman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
McGarvey, Timothy J. PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 
McGee, Stephen Dwayne LCpl. - 60mm Mortarman, M/3/26 - (Narrative)-
McGill, Joe Louis Lockhar LCpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26 - (Narrative)
Miller, Robert L.  Sgt. - Section Leader, 105mm Howitzer, C/1/13-(Narrative) 
Moore, James L.  Sgt. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Mora, David J.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Munden, Richard Thomas  LCpl.- 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Newton, Leonard Lee  PFC. - Machine Gunner, I/3/26 -- -(Photo,  4 Narratives)
Nittinger, Ernest PFC. - Gunner, 105 Howitzer Det., C/1/13
Niuatoa, Michael J. "Chunk"  Cpl. - Target Spotter, I/3/26----(Photo, Narrative)
O'Niell, John LCpl. - 60mm Mortar Gunner, M-3/26
Ortiz, John A.   Sgt. - 81mm,Wireman and Radioman, H&S/3/26-(Photo, 4 Narratives)
Oxendine, Dorothy M. - Honorary Member, Mother of Willie F. Oxendine, III  listed below.
Oxendine, Willie, F., III PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Photo, Narrative)-
Pagano, Robert E. "PJ"  Cpl. - Team Barkwood, Bravo Co. 3rd Recon -(Photo, 6 Narratives)
Palm, John R.  Cpl. - Wireman, H&S/3/26 (Photo)-(Narrative)-
Palm, Leslie M. 2ndLt. - FDO/FO, C/1/13-(Photo)
Parker, Gary K.  LCpl. - HST Radioman, A/3dSP Bn.
Parker, James R.  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Parker, Judson C. "Jud" Cpl. - Machine Gunner, M/3/26-(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Parr, Ron LCpl. - Mbr. Team Barkwood, Bravo Co. 3rd Recon. (Narrative)-(Photo)
Parsons, Vernon "Wayne" LCpl.- 106mm Recoilless Rifle Team Leader, Weapons Plt, I/3/26-(Photo)
Pastusak, Joseph E. PFC. - Rifleman, M/3/26
Patterson, Patrick Chasie  PFC. - Rifleman, K/3/26 - (Narrative)
Payne, James E.  PFC. - Gunner, 105 mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13--(Photo)-
Peavey, Thomas F. LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26-
Peretta, John Rocco  Cpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -
Perez, Raphael LCpl - Forward Observer/Radioman, I/3/26
Pettit, John Cpl. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26 (Photo)-(Narrative)
Pierce, Roderick  J.  HM3 (USN) - Corpsman, H&S/3/26 -(Narrative)-(Photo)
Piercy, Jack  Cpl- 105mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13
Pike, Michael A.  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26--(Photo, Narrative)
Place, L. William Cpl. - Weapons Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)
Pollard, Thomas V.  PFC. - Rifleman M/3/26
Porter, Bobby D. "Tiny"  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Powell, David L.  Civilian - U PI Reporter/ Photographer--(Many Photos, 5 Narratives) -
Prentice, Glenn Earl  Sgt. - Forward Observer/Radioman, C/1/13-(Photo, 6 Narratives)
Provenzano, Phillip LCpl - Rifleman, I/3/26 (Photo)- (Narrative)-(Narrative)
Pruitt, Charles Raymond HM3 - Corpsman, M/3/26
Ray, M. A.  HM (USN) -Corpsman, H&HS/3/26
Reed, Charles A. "Gums" LCpl. - Rifleman, 2nd Platoon I/3/26-(Photo, Narrative) 
Resnick, Kenneth "Redneck"  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Reyes, Richard LCpl. - Loader, 105mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13-(Photo)
Richardson, Edward Cpl. - Squad Leader, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26-(4 Photos, Narrative)
Riley, Gary L.  PFC. - Fire Direction Control, C/1/13-(Photo,  3 Narratives) 
Ringham, Robert J. PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Rizo, Theodore Garcia  "Chi-Town" PFC. - Machine Gunner, I/3/26-(Photo)
Robinson, Alan J.  LCpl. - Rifleman, Weapons Platoon, M/3/26 -(Photo)
Robitaille, Paul Edward  GySgt. - Weapons Platoon Sergeant, M/3/26 -(2 Narratives)-
Rodriquez, First? Rank? - Billet ? Unit (Photo)
Rogers, Cecil F. PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo, Narrative)
Roots, John C. 1stLt. - Forward Air Controller 3/26 & Pilot HMM-164-(Narrative)
Roy, Joe H. Cpl. - Squad Leader, 2nd Plt. I/3/26
Russell, Jack A. LCpl. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Saffell, Robert N. Cpl. - Squad Leader, M/3/26
Salazar, Abel R.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Samsa, Richard F.  Cpl. - 60mm Mortar Section Leader, I/3/26 -(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Samuals, Donald SSgt. - Platoon Sergeant, I/3/26-(Photo)
Sandness, Gary "Sandy" LCpl. - Rifleman, 2nd Platoon, I/3/26
Sanford, Paul H.  Rank? - Billet?, M/3/26
Santistevan, Benny Manual, Jr. PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Narrative)
Saxton, Gary Lee  LCpl. - Radio Relay Det., Hq/26
Scarborough, Steve - Rifleman, I/3/26
Scase, J. L.  HM (USN) - Corpsman, H&S/3/26
Schemelia, James E.  LCpl. - Squad Leader, I/3/26 ---(Narrative)
Schneider, Charles J., Jr. "Chuck" 1stLt. -  Artillery F O, C/1/13--(Photo, 5 Narratives)
Scoggins, H.E. L/Cpl - Wireman, H&S/3/26
Scott, Jeremiah  GySgt.  - Weapons Platoon Sergeant, I/3/26 - (Photo, Narrative)
Shimabukuro, Scott PFC. - Gunner, 105 Howitzer Det., C/1/13 
Shouse, Ronald Sgt. - Asst. Section Leader 105 Howitzer Det., C/1/13 
Sigman, James P. "Sig" Cpl. - 60mm Mortar Section Leader, M/3/26 
Sims, Timothy C.  LCpl.  - Radioman, H&S/3/26
Smith, John Archer  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Narrative)
Smith, Ronald E.  LCpl. - Radioman, H&S/3/26-(Narrative)--(#2)
Smith, Terry Lee  Cpl. - Radioman, H&S/3/26 ----(Photo, 4 Narratives)
Sobel, Irwin Ross  PFC. - Rifleman, M/3/26 -(03-27-68)
Spear, Jeffrey T. Cpl. - Gunner, 105 Howitzer Det., C/1/13-(Photo)
Sprague, Jeffrey S. LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Stanton, Stan Cpl - Squad Leader, I/3/26 -(Photo)
Steinberg, David M. "Doc"  HM3 (USN) - Corpsman, H&S/3/26-(Photo, 5 Narratives)
Stiles, Juan Earl Rank? - Artillery Forward Observer, C/1/13
Stramaglio, Pat  PFC.- Machine Gunner, I/3/26 -(Photo)
Studt, John C.  LtCol. - CO, 3/26 (1 - 17 Apr 68)
Szymanski, Frank Adam, IV  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(2 Narratives)-
Taft, First? Lt. - Platoon Commander, M/3/26 
Tarver, Ocie Sgt C/1/13 -(Narrative)
Taylor, Homer, Jr.  Cpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(2 Narratives)-
Taylor, Karl Gorman, Sr. SSgt. - Platoon Sergeant, I/3/26 ----(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Taylor, Kevin G. GySgt, USMC (Ret) -  Honory Member, Son of K. G. Taylor Above.
Terrel, Robert S. "Bob" PFC. - Machine Gunner, I/3/26 
Thing, Robert PVT, - Ammoman 106RR H&S/3/26
Thomas, Michael Howard  2ndLt. - 2ndPltCdr, I/3/26 ---(Photo, 10 Narratives)
Tingle, Gary W. Cpl. - Rifleman, Squad Leader, I/3/26-(Photo)
Tipton, Robert D.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Todd, Charles R. "Ray" LCpl. - Radioman, H&S/3/26
Torres, Felipe "Phil"  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26--(Narrative)
Trentacosta, Vince  LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Tresler, Donald LCpl. - 60mm Mortarman, I/3/26 
Turner, Lawrence F., Jr. "Pee Wee" Cpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26 --(Photo, Narrative)
Turner, Sharon - Honorary Member, Widow of Cpl. Lawrence F. Turner, Jr.
Uhlrich, Barry L.  LCpl. - Radioman, I/3/26-(Narrative)
Unangst, Robert W. Jr.  Cpl. - Squad Leader, I/3/26
Unger, Kenneth (Photo)
Vance, First? Rank? - 81mm Mortar Gunner, H&S/3/26 
Vanderbush, Charles R. PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Vaughan, John T.  PFC. - Rifleman, I/3/26
Villers, Ralph D. PFC. -Rifleman/CO's Courier, I/3/26-(Narrative)
Wahoske, Randall W. "Randy"   Cpl. - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)-
Walker, Jesse Cpl. -Billet, I/3/26- (Photo)
Warner, Kenneth S.  Cpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Waters, William Walter, Jr. LCpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Photo, 2 Narratives)
Webb, Earnest  Pfc. - Mortarman, I/3/26--(Narrative)
Whitesides, Walter L.  LCpl. -Tactical Air Control Party, H&S/3/26-(Photo)
Wichelns, Lee Cpl. - Rifleman, 3rd Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)- (Photo)
Wickliffe, Robert Logan  HM3 (USN) - Corpsman, H&HS/3/26 -(Photo, Narrative)
Wiedeman, Robert Arthur  Cpl. - Rifleman, I/3/26 -(Photo, 2 Narratives)-
Wieglein, Robert LCpl. - Weapons Platoon, I/3/26-(Photo)
Wigton, Michael J. - Honorary Member, Brother of Phillip G. Wigton KIA
Wigton, Phillip G. "Greg" LCpl. - Mortarman, M/3/26 (05-09-68)-(Photo)
Williams, Charles "Chuck" LCpl. - Gunner, 105mm Howitzer Det., C/1/13 (Narrative)
Williams, Richard Earl  Pfc. - Rifleman, M/3/26 -(Narrative)
Wilson, Chester W.  LCpl.- Rifleman, I/3/26-(Photo)-(Narrative)
Wilson, Gregory P. "Willy" Cpl.  - 81mm Forward Observer, H&S/3/26
Wire, Eugene Charles  GySgt. - Company Gunnery Sergeant, M/3/26 -(2 Narratives)-
Wittwer, Charlie LCpl. Machine Gunner, I/3/26
Woolverton, Edwin "Woolvy" LCpl.- 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26-(Photo)-
Wurtz, Emil John HN (USN) - Corpsman, H&S/3/26-(Narrative)

Of those who survived, very few escaped being wounded,
some more than once.  Therefore, the Purple Heart ribbon

is not shown by each man who was awarded one.

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