Recent Revisions to the 881S Roster
A posting here indicates a possible e-mail address change, a change
to some of the historical data or addition of Marine's photo.  A 
indicates a Marine added to the roster.

Last Revision: 19 MAY 2017

Bowman, Michael  LCpl. - Rifleman, M/3/26 <---Updated Email Address. modified 16 Sept 2017

Cole, Harry Blake "HB" or "Stickman" - 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26 (Narrative)

Echols, Ronald E.  SSgt. - Platoon Commander, 1st Plt., M/3/26 -(Photo)-(Narrative)<---Updated Email Address. modified 21 March 2016

LLanes, Harold LCpl. Radioman, Mike Co. added 2 March 2016

Anderson, David M. LCpl. - Radioman, 2nd Platoon, M/3/26 <---Updated Email Address. modified 2 Dec 2015

Frank, Don Carlos LCpl - Rifleman, I/3/26 added 21 SEP 15

Gonzalez, Luis Duran LCpl. Rifleman, UNIT??

Cox, James D., Cpl, RTO w/ C Battery

Mason, Lyle Dean LCpl - 81mm Mortarman, H&S 3/26

DeLuca, Robert J. LCpl - 60mm Mortarman I/3/26 (Photo)

Pastusak, Joseph E. PFC. - Rifleman, M/3/26

Pollard, Thomas V.  PFC. - Rifleman M/3/26

Harriman, Ron, Sgt. Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Platoon, M/3/26

Locklear, Gary,  LCpl - Helicopter Support Team, A/3dSP

Hunke, Thomas PFC. - Rifleman, 1st Platoon, I/3/26

Parsons, Vernon "Wayne" LCpl- 106 recoilless Rifle Team Leader , Weapons Plt, I/3/26

Allen, Daniel,  Cpl. - Machine Gunner, I/3/26

Higgins, Jerry A. LCpl. - Wireman, H&S/3/26

Tarver, Ocie Sgt C/1/13