1970 Photo Album Index
Revised 10-27-11
(Those at bottom annotated in green are new)

Page   1 -- G-5, Winning Their Hearts and Minds ( under construction)

Page   2 -- Stuckeys, MMAF (2),  Sgts. Club MMAF, That's an LZ?, 1stLt. John R. Harris

Page   3 -- Chu Lai Emergency Medical Receiving Facillity, Vietnamese Lady Patient

Page   4 -- An Hoa, External Loads (2), 3rd Force Reccon Team, ARVN LZ

Page   5 -- Wrecked Jeep, Sgt. Galloway, Replacement Jeep, SSgt. Boland

Page   6 -- Sgt. Buzbee, 70s Purple Fox Calling Card, Cartoon, Foxes Den, Cpl. Martin

Page   7 -- Plaque, Guard Duty, Grateful Dead, Flight Line, Lt. Walt "Worm" Wise

Page   8 -- YK-17, Sgt. Blankenship, Maint. Buunker, Flight Line, Sea Tiger Pictures

Page   9 -- F-4, Check Point, MMAF Aerial, Da Nang Riverfront, Fishing Boat Fleet

Page 10 -- Lt. Orahood, Releaved, LZ-401, Chapel, Hospital Ship Sanctuary

Page 11 -- Arizona Territory (2), Recon Extracts (2), Rappelling Incident

Page 12 -- Trash, Logistics Flight, Piano Bar, "Foxes" Ready Room, Maj. Gulledge

Page 13 -- Cpl Crider, Sgt. MacDougald, Lt. Williams, Nerve Center, Lts Pidock, Spiller,

Page 14 -- Cpl McDade, Dead Bike, Lt Cross, "Buzz" Sawyer, Sgt."Chief" Torrez, 
------------Lt. B. Harris

Page 15 -- Lt. Laney, Lt. Erb, Gen. Walt, LtCol. Dunbaugh, Cpl. Joe DeBose, Lt. Pierman,
xxxxxxxxOff Limits to Field Grade

Page 16 -- MMAF Olympics, Squid Locks Rotors, Charlie Bassett, An Hoa - Fun Capital 

Page 17 -- Embarking, Refueling, Cpl. John Hodges(?), Flight Lunch, Stations Manned

Page 18 -- Cpl. Trosterud, Blood Stained Card, YK-18 Crash Site (3), CH-46 Cockpit 

Page 19 -- "Flower Tower", Sgt. Connolly, HUEY Bomber, Col. Steadman, You Call We 

Page 20 -- Great View, Hootch, LCpl. Yager, Lt. Kenny, Lt. Cooper, Lt. Magg, Lt. Owens

Page 21 -- Sgt. Hibert J. "Chief" Torrez, Lt. Steve Cook,YK-17 Damage, SSgt. Nicholas 
Page 21 -- Pecukonis, GySgt. Gerald E. Thompson

Page 22 -- Sgt. Randy Breedeing,  Four Blank Spaces

Page 23 -- "Marines Have Landed", Lt. Henry B. "Hank Lamb, Our "Fox" Assists 
Page 23 --  HMH-463, Sgt. Culver, Sgt. Al Glover

Page 24 -- Cpl. McDade, Cpl. Allen, Sgt. Howell, Cpls. Sliney & Cone, Cpl, Morris's Blood

Page 25 -- Mascot's Grave, (Rank) Bilbrey, Sgt. Foyster Williams, Sgt. McCrea, Missy Hue

Page 26 -- Sgt. Knoff, Cpl. David Bilbrey & Sgt. Howell, LZ 401?(2), Lts. Norman Stocker
----------- Dave Schmitz, Rus Laney and Sgt. Kerry Wages

Page 27 -- Sgt. "Chief" Torres, Sgt. Kerry Wages, Ladder Extract, Cpl. John "Crash"
Page 27 -- Crider, Cpl. Joe DeBose, Cpl. Hilbert "Chief" Torres, Cpl. Kerry Wages

Page 28 -- Lt. Robert L. Marshall, ARVN Col. at Coal Mines, Lt. Bruce Jensen, Flares,
Page 28 -- Lt. Paul Stansel

Page 29 -- Medevac Standby LZ Baldy, Flag Officer's Hootch, O Club Waitress,USO Show

Page 30 -- Lt. Gary Pidock with and without hair , Lt. Doug Orahood, Maj. Fred Locke,
Page 30 -- Ace Duce Game

Page 31 -- Lt. Dave McSorley, Lt. Richard J. Bell,Unknown, 3 unknowns, Lt. Gary Pidock,
Page 31 -- Lt. Rick Grimstead

Page 32 -- Lt. Jerry Welsh, Lt. Jerry White, Lt. Dave Riesterer, Lt. Richard Bell, Lt. Randy
Page 32 -- Mathews, Lt. Rick Grimstead, Lt. Randy Mathews and Lt. David Riesterer

Page 33 -- Lt. Jack E. Feldt, Maj. W. L. Waters, Doc John G. Mauer, Lt. L. C. Christy, Lts.
Page 33 -- Vernon Dutton, Hank Lamb and Ben Williams, Lts. Jack Feldt, Gary Pidock
Page 33 -- and Don Cretian.

Page 34 -- Maj. W. L. Becker, Lt. Norman R. Stocker, Lt. "Hank" Hoshino, Great shot of
Page 34 -- CH-46 Cockpit, Hospital Ship USS Repose.

Page 35 -- USS Repose, Multiple Litters, Gunner's View of Da Nang Harbor, CH-53 Brings
Page 35 -- CH-46 back to MMAF, MARS radio station Sweeties

Page 36 -- Hooking up to external, Hitch Hiker, AH-46 Gun Ship, Udorn R&R.

Page 37 -- 1stLt. Robert L. Marshall and the remnants of YK-16 (3)

Page 38 -- Cpl. Wayne Strahan, Sgt. Al Glover, Cpl.Wiess, Cpl. Stanley T. Cornell and
Page 38 -- SSgt. First? MI? Bryan, SSgt. Vic Soto, SSgt. Henry L.Hailey 

Page 39 -- Sgt.First? Stevens, Sgt. First? Johnson, 1stLt. Tom P. Luddy, GySgt. William V.
Page 39 -- Peck, Unknown Maint. Control NCOIC

Page 40 -- GySgt. Arthur Ortiz, Sgt. Al Glover,Unknown, S-1 Clerk, Sgt. Frank
Page 40 -- "Waterbuffalo" Richer

Page 41 -- Lt. "Pig" Harris, Lt. "Big Dog" Brandt, Rocket Alley MMAF, Lt. White, Sgt.
Page 41 -- Howell,Medevac, Short Final MMAF

Page 42 -- Blood Chit, YK-20, Prepped LZ, Wreck, Transmission Change, Day Off

Page 43 -- LCpl. Wallace, Dick Thompson, Cpl. Winter, Sgt. Gordon, Lt. Orahood, Cpl.
Page 43 -- Crider, MaMa Sanh

Page 44 -- MMAF Tower, Jolly Green Crash, 6X6 After Land Mine, Liberty Bridge
Page 44 -- Outpost, Hooches, USS Tripoli

Page 45 -- Cpl. Doboz, Cpl. Crider, Cpl. Wages, Cpl. Neuman, Cpl. Horton, Cpl. Easton
Page 45 -- MMAF Enlisted Mens Club, Cpl. Dennis L. Merling, Sgt. Fred Golini & others

 Page 46 -- Actor James Franciscus, Recon Team, YK-21 Gun Mounts

Page 47 -- LCpl. Bilbrey, Sgt. Dominy, Sgt. Torrez, SSgt Bryan , Sgt. Mike Easton, 
                LCpl. Wallace, Thompson, Sgt. Terry Smith, Cpl Doboz.

Page 48 -- Sgt. Long, Sgt Terry Smith, LCpl. Wallace, Cpl Doboz, Sgt. Wages

Page 49 -- Flt. Line, LCpl. Wallace, Sgt. Sawyer, Sgt. Dominy, Sgt. Torez

Page 50 -- LCpl. Wallace, J.D. Wells, Sgt. Torrez, Marble Mtn. flt. line, YK-12

Page 51 -- Six pictures of YK-12 laying on the flight line.

Page 52 -- YK-12,Cpl. Jeff Hoehler, Sgt. Wages, MMF lining area, Unknown, OV-10

Page 53 -- Sgt. Torrez, Unknown, LCpl. Delisle, Stud the dog and LCpl. Vern Delissle

Page 54 -- Unknown, Sgt. Torrez, LCpl. Kniffen, Unknown, and Sgt Dave Howell ,
                LCpl. Burns

Page 55 -- Sgt. Kerry Wages, LCpl. Warner "Lou" Burns, Unknown, LCpl. Kniffen,
  Unknown, McCreary, Unknown, Simmons

Page 56 -- Cpl. E. P. Brozowski, XO's Jeep

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