1971 Photo Album Index
Revised 01-25-02
(Those annotated in green are new)

Page  1 -- Our Pig, Cpl. T. C. Smith, Crash of YK-8 (2), 1stLt. John T. Wallace,

Page  2 -- Lt. Orahood & Sgt. "JJ" Johnson, Relieved, LZ-401, Chapel, Hospital Ship

Page  3 -- Arizona Territory (2), Ladder Extract, SPIE Rig Extract, "Dog & Poney Show" 

Page  4 -- Maj. Dooley, Shuffle Board, Cpl. Cornelison, Lt. Pete Baron, Cpl. Charlie
Page  4 -- Hansen (2), Cpl. James Buckland

Page  5 -- Cpl. Radliff, Missy Lee, Cpl. Poehnett, Cpl. Buckland, Cpl. Prescoll,and HN
Page  5 -- Kickham' Silver Star

Page  6 -- HN Kickham (2), Chieu Hoi Card, Cpl. Archibeque, Cpl. Daryl Jorgensen 
Page  6 --Unknown

Page  7 -- Cpl. Archibeque

Last Page -- Squadron stands down for cook out on 16 Feb (3), Last Flight

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