1969 Photo Album Index
Revised 10 DECEMBER 2017
(Those annotated in green are new)

Page   1 -- Joe Devlin and Others (2), Sick Bay Mortared (2), 1stLt. "Chic" Schoener

Page   2 -- Easter Sunrise Service, Wreckage of YK-9 After Sync. Shaft Failure (5)

Page   3 -- 1stLt. Bjork, 1stLt. Gitcho, Squadron Coookout, "Doughnut Dolly"

Page   4 -- Medevac Lost It's Landing Gear, Eating Beer Can, Happy Hour

Page   5 -- YK-5 "A Tough Lady"(2), Cpl. Greene, MMAF Beach, Cpl. McDaniel (2)

Page   6 -- "Dolly", Cpl. Fettig, Cpl. Lasac (2), Gommez's N/C, Sgt. Gruenwald,

Page   7 -- Is this Da Nang?, Cobra, Maj. Pipa, "Raquuel" Welsh, Avionics Shop Marines

Page   8 -- Sgt. McRae, 105mm SP, Mini-gun, Calling Card, MedEvac, (rank?)
                   Jerry Hilmer

Pgae   9 -- Booze Bottles, Mail, Cpl. J. H. Harris (KIA), R&R Bangkok, Squadron Party

Page 10 -- CAC Citation, Cpl. Edwards, Chieu Hoi Leaflet, 5 Cent MPC

Page 11 -- MMAF, Monestrary, LCpl. Gramlick, Waitress, Cpl. L. L. Lawrence, Lt. Kozai

Page 12 -- Sgt. Oliphant, Gunner's View, Cpl. Allen, Sgt. F. Williams, YK-17 & Damage (2)

Page 13 -- Cpl. McDaniel (KIA), Our Logo, 1stLt. Dutton & 1stLt Wilbur, An Hoa 

Page 14 -- An Hoa TAFDS (2), 1stLt. Hintz, 1stlt. Burgess, Song Tinh Yen River.

Page 15 -- Lts Riesterer and Butler, German Hospital Ship, Santa Clause,
                   Mama San &

Page 16 -- Lt. Britton, Lt. Stewart, Gathering of the LPA, USS Sanctuary

Page 17 -- Monkey Mtn., Lt. Stewart, Missy Moose & Missy Wa, Shrines, USS Sanctuary

Page 18 -- Lt. Burgess, Cpl. Feurst, Cpl. Velleux & Sgt. Quijano, Lt. T. J. Sullivan,
George "Pig Pen" Wharton

Page 19 -- Sgt. Brown, LCpl Dale Johnson, (plus others) Crash Site of YK-13 Near Hai-Van Pass (5),
Barnhart (KIA)

Page 20 -- Lt. Meyer (KIA), HN Young (KIA), An Hoa Aide Sta., A Gunners View, Orphans

Page 21 -- USS Sanctuary,  The Marble Mountains, Xmas Party, Sqdn. Armor and
McDade, Gunny Ortiz

Page 22 -- YK-17 Damage, Xmas Party, Cheers to Hydraulics Men, Australian USO, LCpl.                     Elorreaga

Page 23 -- Col. Dunbaugh, House Mouses, Sgt. "JJ" Johnson,  E-Club, Group Photo

Page 24 -- JEST School? ? ?, "King's Krazy Klan", Group Photo, Revetment Wreck, Cpl.                      Leffler (KIA)

Page 25 -- Group Photo, Lt. Earnest, SAR Crew, F-4 & CH-46 Crash Site Near Chu Lai (2)

Page 26 -- Sgt. Cowling, Cpl. Dave Hamel, Mr. Piggy (2), View From Hill 55,

Page 27 -- YK-5 RPG Damage (2), Cpl. Rodrigues, LCpl. Lovelady, YK-5

Page 28 -- Cpl. Elorreaga, Clean CH-46 Cabin, EM Club and USO Show (3)

Page 29 -- Cpl. Leslie, Cpl. John J. Lessard, Sgt. Hamblen, LCpl. Lyl Santana,Cpl.                      McDermott

Page 30 -- Sgt. Duerschmidt, Sgt. Hamblen, Sun Rise, Unknowns, Group Photo

Page 31 -- Job Security, Boss's Night, Cpl. Ludington, LCpl. Clark, SSgt. King, 
                    Cpl. John Fuerst

Page 32 -- Sgt. "Gunslinger" MacRay, Lt. Courtney Payne, Sgt. Stan Clontz,
William C. "Bill" Barbier, YK-1 Recovery, 1stLt. Pat Donovan

Page 33 -- 1stLt. Pat Donovan, 1stLt. "Chic" Schoener, "Papa Fox" Brady,
                    1sLt. Rudy
Kaiser, 1stLt. Zeb Rush

Page 34 -- Outgoing Pax Terminal, A Grunt's View (3), Lts. Whitlow and Robillard

Page 35 -- Capt. Ernie Bartolina KIA 02-07-69 (3), Need Help, Cpl. Milton Harrell

Page 36 -- Cpl. John J. Lessard (2), LtCol. Brady, Lt. Courtney Payne, Capt. D. I. Mann,
                     Maj. Ed Schriber, 3 Unknowns, Cpl. Tom "Whitey" White

Page 37 -- Cpl. Lenny Lasac, Operation Oklahoma Hills (2), RPG Damage to YK-5
                    1stLt. Zeb Rush

Page 38 -- GySgt. J. D. Hummel (2), GySgt. "Ted" Horn, SSgt. JamesVance, GySgt. Peck,
                    Cpl. Tom "Whitey" White, Cpl. John Nolan and Sgt. Frank Richer

Page 39 -- Unknown Crew Chief, Cpl. "Fuzzy" Goff, GySgt. "Bill" Peck, LCpl. Dale
                    Johnson, MGySgt. Dennis T. "Dusty" Rhodes

Page 40 -- Sgt. "Pappy" Hill, Unknown, SSgt. First? MI? Hashida, SSgt. Jay Weisner,                     Unknown GySgt.

Page 41 -- Sgt. Kenneth Altazan, Larry B. Jividen, 1stLt. Dennis R. Reardon KIA 11-29-69,
Maj. George W. Cox, 1stLt. Beebe, Capt. Mann

Page 42 -- Sgt. Don Weller, Maj. O. C. Baker, Boeing Certificate, Cpl. Larry Neuman,                                  1stLt. Vernon L. Dutton

Page 43 -- Lts Donovan, Payne and Beebe (3 of the Blues Brothers), French Bunker,                                   Santa's Huey

Page 44 -- CH-46 Down, CH-46 from Leatherneck, Maj. Archbold, Jan '69 Shoot Down                            Cpl. Russo, Unknown Airframes Mech, Panoramic View of Flight Line

Page 45 -- Cpl. Harrell, 1st AOM @ Marble Mtn., Rich Bianchino

Page 46 -- Medivac flight, Troop Lift

Page 47 -- YK-9 hit in rocket attack (4)

Page 48 -- Eight photos of the Da Nang ammo dump going up.

Page 49 -- Cpl. Rangel, Cpls. King and Dion, LCpl. Rabbett, Cpl. Bartman, Cpl. Lamoree

Page 50 -- LCpl G.W. Roberts CAC certificate, YK-1, Aircraft Wreckage, Terry McDade's                      name tag, leaflets

Page 51 --  HN-3 Van Damme (2) 'Gooie' Gomez, John Grundwald, John Allen and
                    Johnnie Canales.

Page 52 -- Ernie Gomez and Johnnie Canales, Johnnie Canales (2)

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