Hill 881S Photo Album Index
Revised 03/12/12
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Page   1 - Aerial View of Hill 881S, Hill 881N (2), Super Gaggle (2)
Page   2 - Significant Flag Raisings (2), Morning Rpt. Aerial View Smoke, Blade Damage
Page   3 - Airborne Super Gaggle (2), 'Front Porch" UH-34, Super Gaggle Prep. Fires (2)
Page   4 - Super Gaggle (3), 81mm Mortar Pit, LCpl. Pike, A-4 Laying Smoke Screen
Page   5 - US Flag, LCpl. Smith's Bunker, Last Day on 881S (2)
Page   6 - LCpl. Assum, Trench Marines, HM3 Wickliffe - KIA (2), Resupply Mission
Page   7 - M-60 Suppression, CAS, Sgt. G. E. Prentice, 3/26 Lighter, Sgt. D. G. Jessupand
Cpl. R. A.  Wiedeman - KIA
Page   8 - Rank?, First? Miller, Rank? First? Garcia, Sgt. Daniel G. Jessup, LCpl. Michael Hassick, CAS Mission
Page   9 - PFC. Robert Tipton, Sgt. "Mickey" Domingue ,Need help in identifying others, and
Cpl. Delbert L. Leasure (3)
Page 10 - Perez, Cpl. Randy Wahoske (3), Kelly, Lance, Ed Woolverton and Edwin,
 LCpl. Dwight "Butch" Brown, PFC Johnny Doan
Page 11 - CH-53 lifts 105, LCpl. Ed Woolverton, Perez, Unknowns, Hill 881N ? CAS (2),
Sgt. Titus "Mac" McClintock and Cpl. Randy Wahoske
Page 12 - PFC. James E. Payne,Unknowns, Tabletop Clouds, City of Chicago Flag,
PFC. Ted Rizo.
Page 13 - PFC. Cecil F. Rogers (3), PFC. Leonard Lee Newton KIA(2), Unknown,
John R. Brice
Page 14 - PFC. Kenneth E. Hinz, Sgt. Daniel H. Lloyd, We Didn't Take Much to 881,
UH-34 Redistributes Ammo
Page 15 - PFC. Kenneth E. Hinz, Sgt. Daniel H. Lloyd, Hill 881S Barber Shop, Valley Fog
Page 16 - "Borrowed" .50cals, CAS Mission, View of 881S, Composite Photo View
Page 17 - Another Composite View, Jesse Walker, Capt. Dabney, Cpl. "KO" Brewer
Page 18 - Team Barkwood members; Cpl, Bryan, Cpl. Pagano, Cpl. Guerra, LCpl.Hollis, and PFC. Beddoe, Cpl. Bryan & Wife Diedra, LCpl. Joe Darrell
Page 19 - Cpl. Dennis R. Mannion, Cpl. John Emro,Cpl. Jesse Walker (2), The Hill
Page 20 - LCpl. Charles A. Reed & Images of the Hill, LCpl. V.W. Parsons

Page 21 -

2ndLt. Harry E. Fromme, Sgt. Joseph M. Jones, SSgt, Karl G. Taylor,
HM2David Steinberg, "Spooky" the C-47 Gunship
Page 22 - LCpl. John F. Francavilla (KIA), Terrain Changes Over Time, A1-E CAS

Page 23 -

Rank ? First? Rodriquez, Unknown, Cpl. Michael J. Klopchin, PFC Gary, Riley, 2ndLt. Thomas Drew Brindley
Page 24 - Lt. Brindley, Lt. Bonacci (sp), The Out House, Supergaggle CH-46s (2)
Page 25 - Sniper Team, Supergaggle, Close Air Support, A Mortarman, Our Flag, View
Page 26 - Low Clouds, View of Hill 881S, Bunker Complex, Lt. Crenshaw, Lt. Palm, Lt. Foley, Lt. Dworsky.
Page 27 - Unknown, Barber, Lt. Crenshaw, Lt. Biondo, Lt. Schnieder, Lt. Esslenger,
Cpl. Hillmann, LCpl. Whitesides.
Page 28 - Unknown, Cpl. Arrotta, Lt. Schnieder, Cpl. Marvin C. Brown, Trenches and firing positions, CH-53 Replacing a 105mm Howitzer, GySgt. Jeremiah Scott.
Page 29 - PFC Tipton, Cpl. Wiedeman, A Marine named Garcia,Cpl. Krom.
Page 30 - Various scenes of Hill 881S, A-4 Making Low, Fast Pass.
Page 31 - Bombing Missions (3), Patrol Briefing, Hip Hop Time @ KSCB, Dinner Time.
Page 32 - Sunrise, Fog, Lt. Dworsky, Lt. Fromme, Lt. Schneider
Page 33 - Lt. M. H. Thomas, Unknown, IG is not expected, UH-34, Unknown,
20 Jan
attack on Hill 881N
Page 34 - RF-101 Voodoo, Wounded Marines, Lt. Schneider andUnknown, LCpl. Toby Jackson, GySgt. Jeremiah Scott.
Page 35 - Lt. Dwarsky's last photo on the hill, Awards Ceremony at Quang Tri (2)
Arming an F-4 Phantom, LCpl. McCarty, LCpl. Alan Robinson, LCpl.DanFisher and LCpl. Martin, Elephant Grass Patrol.
Page 36 - Pvt. Digiampalo, LCpl. Robinson, LCpl. King, Rank? Kenneth Unger,
Cpl. William L. Place, Cpl. Jeffrey Spear (2), HN Bergman, HM3 Eyman
Page 37 - SSgt. Albert J. Cupps, Khe Sanh and Surrounding Area After the Siege (4),
Cpl. Herrick R. Lord
Page 38 - 1stLt. Leslie M. Palm, Lt. Carlton B. Crenshaw, CH-46 Resupply, 105mmHowitzer Fire Mission (2), Our "Shitter."
Page 39 - FDC Bunker (2), Lt. Leslie M. Palm (2), Sgt. William Hubbard,Unknown, Lt. Carlton Crenshaw, Napalm on Hill 881N NVA, Cpl. Joseph Y. Hawkins
Page 40 - SSgt. Echols, LCpl. McCarty, LCpl Clarence Smith, 1stLt. Charles Scheinder, Glenn Prentice, Cpl. Robert Weiglein, Cpl. William L. Place and Cpl. Joseph Y."Jody" Hawkins, Maj. Matt Caufield, Damaged CH-46, Treating Wounded.
Page 41 - Cpl. Robert Arrota, Planning Airstrikes, Sniper Team, Artillery Marine, UH-34Air Strike.
Page 42 - Combat Patrol, CH-46 Helicopters (3), Bunkers, 1stLt. Charles J. Schneider
Page 43 - CH-46 Crewman, GySgt. Robert L. DeArmond, Flag Raising (2), 2dLt. Fromme,
Sgt. J. Michael Jones, SSgt. Byron E. Christian, View to Northeast.
Page 44 - 250 lb. Bombs, The NVA Sniper's Hill, Flag Raising (2), Howitzer Gun Crew (2)
Page 45 - Air Strike, Howitzer Gun Crew, Trash Pile, 2dLt. M. J. Thomas, 2dLt. Rick Fromme,Two unknown Marines, 
Page 46 - Three Unknowns, Cpl. Arrotta, Bunny Hole, GySgt. DeArmond, 2dLt. Dworsky
Page 47 - Capt. Dabney, Cpl. Stan Stanton, 2 Unknown Marines, 1stLt. Schneider, HM3David M. Steinberg
Page 48 - CH-46 Crewman, Capt. Dabney, VERY Near Miss, 2 Unknowns, 500lb Bombs
Page 49 - Bunny Hole, North Face 881S, 1stLt. Crenshaw, UH-34, Gate Between Mike & India Positions
Page 50 - Writing Home, Cpl. K. S. Warner, Cpl. R. W. Ford, LCpl. Phillip  Provenzano,LCpl. Chester W. Wilson, Cpl. Bob Coniff, Pvt. G. L. Joliet
Page 51 - Cpl. K. S. Warner, Hill 881S, Pvt. G. L. Joliet, Cpl.Fulton "Fuzzy" Allen, Looking North.
Page 52 - Aiming Stakes, UH-34, LCpl. Woolverton, LCpl. T. Richard Mundon, LCpl. Chester W. Wilson, Cpl. Robert A. Wiedeman KIA
Page 53 - Khe Sanh (2), 105 Howitzer Firing Position (2), 105 Howitzer Crew & Roster LCpl. Hassick, Cpl. Wiedeman
Page 54 - LCpl. Weiglien, Cpl.Place, Cpl. Hawkins, SSgt. Taylor, PFC. Johnson,Cpl. Arrota, LCpl. Higgens
Page 55 - LCpl. Jetty Higgins (2), LCpl. Parsons, HM3 Eyman, Cpl. Emro
Page 56 - LCpl. Parsons and LCpl. Reed, LCpl.   Parsons, Cpl. Emro, LCpl. Reed, LCpl. Parsons, Khe Sanh.
Page 57 - Khe Sanh, M.N. Ray, Smith, Smith, Parsons, Emro and Reed, Parsons
Page 58 -

Joe McGill, Seaward, LCpl. Gary Locklear