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The "Yankee Kilo" Marines

Page   1 -- UH-34 Lands on Stump at Nam Dong, Montagnard Girl

Page   2 --  "Yankee Kilo" Marines Had Some Unusual Resupply Missions.

Page   3 -- Sgt. Fox, Children Raid Garbage Can, and "Show Time" the Ao Dai Dress (2)

Page   4 -- Bus Stop (2), "Sweetlips" and "Dragon Fliight" aircraft (2)

Page   5 -- Do Xa Landing Zone (2), Vietnamese Air Foorce A1-E Skyraider (3)

Page   6 -- H-34 Loses Turns (2),  UH-34s Down in Do Xa LZ, Brave Pilots, UH-1B Pieces

Page   7 -- "The Loadmaster of Vietnam" (3), Khe Sanhh (2), F-101 at Da Nang

Page   8 -- Swimming Hole, Inst. Panel UH-34, Farewelll "Dogs", Misc. Aircraft of 1964

Page   9 -- Do Xa later, LCpls. Henderson and Didier,, T-28s (2), A1-E "Skyraider"

Page 10 -- Human Pavers (3), Da Nang Hangar (2), The Spare Parts "Pile"

Page 11 -- Line Shack (3), Fuel Farm, ARVN Family Housing, Exotic Resort Flight Line

Page 12 -- Old Man, Excellent Trainee, Old French Compound (3),

Page 13 -- Army Advisor, Burning a Dead "Dog" (3), LCpl. James D. "DaNang" Didier

Page 14 -- Cpl. Weber, Suzy, Gladis or "Happy Bottom", House Boys, Dog Patch (2)

Page 15 -- Nam Dong Airstrip (4), Sgt. Phat's Troops & Letter, Vietnamese Nurses

Page 16 -- Water Buffalo, ARVN Recruit, Chinese Nung, Orphans, Cpl. Poynter's Evac.

Page 17 -- Guard the Garbage, China Beach Squadron Party (4)

Page 18 -- The "Throne", Vietnamese Fishing Boat, Nets and Traps (3), City of Da Nang

Page 19 -- Mansion, Da Nang Flight Line (2), "Indian Country," ARVN Mechanics 

Page 20 -- Wing Walkers, Roadside Stand, Rice Farmers, Sgt. Phat, French Compound

Page 21 -- Mess Hall, Enlisted Club, Marble Mountains (2), C-123 Workhorse

Page 22 -- Birth of a UH-34D, LCpl. Henderson, Dragon Six, Battle Damage, C-47

Page 23 -- Maj. Warren, Capt. Cannon,Trainees, A1-E Skyraider, Friendly?,

Page 24 -- Awards, First & Last Ship, Bosun's Chair, Pleiku House Girls,  RF-102s

Page 25--- Cpl. LaMonica, Sgt's Club, ARVN Howitzer, Lt. Reddish, Capts Crane & Ensley

Page 26 -- Pilots Warner, Grant, Gosnell, Joffrion, McGovern & Runsvold, VC Weapons 

Page 27 --Cpl. Smith, MCAF Futema (2), LPH-8 "Blowing Stacks", Koahsiung E-Club

Page 28 --Corrigidor Island (4), Cemetary for US WWII Casualties

Page 29 --"Happy Valley", Cubi Pt.&Subic Bay, Mail Call (2), Fam. Firing the M-14

Page 30 -- Smoker, Oiler Alongside, Our Bunks, Laundry Call, Zink Chromated Birds 

Page 31 -- Chow Line, All Lost Weight, Food Arrives, 

Page 32 -- Man Aircraft, Remove Tiedowns, Wind Her Up, Launch, The Day is Done 

Page 33 -- Cpl. David Weber and Cpl. Warren R. Smith Recon R&R Sites (4), Cpl. Haupert

Page 34 -- Cpl. David Weber, Sgt. Larry Quick, ARVN Troops, SSgt. Jose G. Abeyta and                                  PFC. Earl E. Lowery, Vietnamese Air Force T-28

Page 35 -- Cow Girl of DaNang, Welcome to Fatema (36 page booklet), Officers Club (2)

Page 36 -- Da Nang girls, Shulak, Worsley, Sides, Benak, Minkiewiez, YK-17, Dammit.

Page 37 -- Sweet Lips, Benak, Distance Poll, YK-7, HU-1b.

Page 38 -- Benak & Sweet Lips, Joe Barlow, Howard Taylor, Bob Steward, Denny McKee,                    Oscar Joffrion, Charlie Upshaw, George Dunn, MAG16 photographer,
                   USS Valley Forge.

Page 39 -- Horseshoe Pit, Sgt Kroelinger, LCpl Bradshaw, LCpl Hutchinson, Capt Wamel,                     Maj Ryan, CWO-2 McKee, 1/Lt Runsvold, 1/Lt Simmons, Capt. Love

Page 40 -- Sgt. Jim Fox, DaNang Market, Lts Ross & Steward, Mess Night, Col. LaVoy,s Ltr.

Page 41 -- Bob Steward, Ron DeBrincat, Berry Simmons, Pete Love, Charlie Cannon                                      Squadron photo.

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