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The Warriors of Hill 881S

Although this site is honoring, and lists, those Warriors who defended Hill 881S from 26 December 1967 until 17 April 1968, (113 days) they still served a tour in Vietnam.  Therefore, this page lists all personal awards received by those Warriors during their entire tour in a combat environment.

Medal of Honor

*Indicates awarded posthumously

Taylor, Karl G., Sr. SSgt. *12-08-68

Navy Cross

*Indicates awarded posthumously

Brindley, Thomas D. 2dLt. *01-20-68
Bryan, Charles W. Cpl. *01-20-68
Dabney, William H. Col. *04-14-68
Thomas, Michael H. 2dLt. *01-20-68

Silver Star

*Indicates awarded posthumously

Bowling, Ronald V. HM3 *02-28-68
Collins, James A. PFC * 01-20-68
Dabney, William H. Capt. *01-20-68
Mathis, James Rhonda HM2 *04-09-68
Newton, Leonard Lee PFC.  *01-19-68
Smith, Terry L. Cpl. *02-08-68
Torres, Felipe  Cpl. *12-08-68
McGee, Stephen LCpl.   05-09-68

Bronze Star


Ammon, William R. 1stLt
Andrews, Dennis D. 1stLt *04-10-68
Arrotta, Robert J. Sgt. *07-10-68
Brown, Marvin C. Cpl. *01-20-68
Burns, Kenneth W. Cpl.
Chilton, Kenneth L. LCpl. *07-14-68
Christian, Bryon E. SSgt. *06-18-68
Crenshaw, Carlton B. 1stLt. *09-12-68
Dabney, William H. Maj. *09-30-68 *07-31-71
Dworsky, Richard F. 1stLt. *01-20-68
Echols, Ronald E. SSgt. *06-16-68
Esslinger, John T. 1stLt. *02-15-68 *06-20-68
Foley, Richard M. Jr. 1stLt.  
Fromme, Harry F. Jr. 2ndLt.  
Jones, Joseph M. SSgt. *12-04-68
Malensky, David J Cpl
Moore, James L. Sgt.
Niuato, Michael J. SgtMaj. *02-18-68
Pagano, Robert E. LCpl. *01-20-68
Palm, John R. Cpl. *09-10-67
Parker, Judson C. Cpl. *06-18-68 *06-28-68
Samsa, Richard F. Cpl. *01-20-68
Schemelia, James E. LCpl. *01-20-68
Schneider, Charles J. 2dLt. *01-19-68
Tarver, Ocie M. Sgt.   01-22-68

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal


Arrotta, Robert L. Sgt. *09-16-68
Dabney, William H. Maj. *03-26-71 *06-27-71
Esslinger, John T. 1stLt. *10-07-68
McCarty, Charles L. Cpl. *07-10-68
Pierce, Roderick J. HM3 *01-19-68
Smith, Terry L. PFC. *09-08-67

Navy Achievement Medal


Barczay, George T. Cpl.
Brewer, Kenneth O. Cpl.
Fields, Karl S. Cpl. *08-05-68
Jones, Joseph. M. SSgt. *01-09-69

Military Merit & Gallantry Cross Medals
*Indicates awarded posthumously

Seven Warriors Listed on One Citation *Various

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