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Last Revised: 2 AUGUST 2018

TAPS: Carl "MOON" Mullen

Carl passed away on 3 August 2018. We understand that no services are planned.

If you served with HMM-364 and/or VMM-364 anytime between 1 September 1961 and
TODAY and your name does not appear in the squadron roster pages,
just email the SLJNCO with your last rank with the squadron, and years you were assigned to HMM-364.

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Pop-A-Smoke 2018 REUNION

The 2018 Pop-A-Smoke reunion will be held on Sept 5-9, 2018 at the

Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel, St. Louis, MO

Who's gonna be there! Are you on this list?

Sign up online.

OR download this PDF form , print it, and send it, filled out, to
Walt Wise who is the Squadron Reunion Coordinator for Pop-A-Smoke.

Due to the small numbers of Purple Foxes attending the Sept 5-9 Popasmoke reunion,
we will be sharing a hospitality hootch with other squadrons.

This form is ONLY for the HMM-364 specific activities (Friday night dinner) and hospitality suite.

Please go to the 2018 Pop-A-Smoke reunion page to sign up for the reunion itself
and make hotel reservations at the Westport Lake Chalet.

Change of Command Ceremony

PLEASE RSVP to 1stLt Michael Weiss

on 9 August, 2018 at 1000
Hangar 6, MCAS Camp Pendleton

ALL are welcome to attend!! Please RSVP so they can plan.


Jack Pipa will have extensive surgery on August 8th at the Mobile Infirmary Hospital. He has made arrangements with a close friend Steve Cummings to pass on updates to me. Following surgery, he will be laid up and hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Please keep Jack and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

My name is Chris Williamson, and I am a Vietnam case analyst with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in Washington DC.

Among the cases I am responsible for reviewing and investigating is the loss of Cpl John Thomas Corle on 8 Dec 65, off the coast of what was then Quang Tin Province, somewhere between Hoi An and Tam Ky.

I am trying to resolve some questions regarding a) whether his helo went down due to small arms or engine failure, and 2) where this occurred at, as there are two different sets of coordinates in the early reporting, and an estimate of their proximity to Tam Ky before the crash would possibly put them even further south. I'm hoping to find someone from one of the three helicopter crews who could answer a few questions.

Based on your website and some other sources, I know two of Corle's crew (Glenn and Gleason) have since passed away, but I'm hoping you might have contact info for any of the following: then 1stLt Kenneth Gross, 1stLt Lenny Melancon, Capt James E Givan, or 2ndLt William Holmes.

If you have contact with any of them, or someone who might, please feel free to provide them my work contact information below.

Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.
M. Christopher Williamson
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
Research Support Team/Southeast Asia
Comm: 703-699-1245

Scuttlebutt: News, Updates, Special Annoucements, & Contact Info sought:
Update: 27 MAY 2018

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Dedicated to those Marines, and others, who served with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364
during their time in the Corps.   This site represents the collective efforts of all
former members of HMM-364 who believe their history, and the part they played in conducting
aerial support missions should be preserved.   In some cases the "PURPLE FOXES" relate,
with appropriate reverence and respect, incidents relative to their counterparts who did
not "come home alive".  All who view this historical account of HMM-364 should appreciate
that a complete history of our squadron must contain information relative
to all of our former Marines and Navy Corpsman.

Further, it should be noted that HMM-364's illustrious legacy should not appear to diminish the
contributions of our other 'Marine Brothers,' be they aviation, ground or support units. 
There existed at these times in our Marine Corps a great deal of mutual respect among all Marines
who endured the experience of war.  Therefore, where possible, credit will be given to
individuals and units which were associated with developing this  historical account of the
"Purple Foxes" to cultivate and promote the same Esprit De Corps which existed then and today.

Contributions to this site are respectfully requested which might cover, but not limited to,
subjects such as those listed in the 'Table of Contents' above and, we encourage submissions
from those Marines we supported.

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