Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 (Vietnam)
"The Purple Foxes"

The Warriors of Hill 881S


This web site is sponsored by a non-profit, 501,c incorporated organization known as The Website of, Inc. with an office located at Pinellas Park, FL. Official records are on file with the State of Florida.


All information contained within this website, to include pictures and personal information relative to the Marines and Navy corpsman who served with, or supported, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 in Vietnam and Iraq, as well as the defense of Hill 881 South during the siege of Khe Sanh, is copy written by the individuals (or their heirs) who submitted the information and  Otherwise credit is specifically given to other sources of information and/or graphics contained herein.  Contact the Organization for permission to use the content of this historical web site.


HMM-364, "The Purple Foxes" (hmm-364,org), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Marines and Navy Corpsmen who served  during times of conflict.  This Website is the organization's attempt to honor those individuals and to provide, and preserve, historical information relative to the "The Purple Foxes" (HMM-364) and the Warriors of Hill 881S.  We also hope this Website will enable members and supporters of the organization to register and research the locations of friends with whom they served.  While every effort has been made to maintain complete, updated and accurate information, the site is not an official source of information about the "Purple Foxes" (HMM-364) or the United States Marine Corps.

LAST UPDATED:  January 18,  2015

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