HMM-364: Webmaster's Logbook

Founder: Franklin A. Gulledge, Jr.
Webmaster: Franklin A. Gulledge, Jr.: 1997? - 2007
Webmaster: David L. Magee: 2007 - 6 Oct 2013
Webmaster: David A. Holton: 6 Oct 2013 - present

Date: 2013/309 (5 November, 2013)

No one said this would be easy. Today is the first day I have gotten off work at a reasonable hour in the last week. I feel like I have neglected the site way too much as it is, but then to not even have time to look at it was bad. I guess there will always be times like this. But, I should be able to get better and faster at this as time goes on.

The other day (before starting this project at my current customer's data center) I was playing around with a form to put on the website what someone could fill out, and it would send me an email right from the website. Folks would not have to go to their mail app. It worked, but I am not sure where to put it, or how to tie it in yet. My original idea is to make it easier for people to submit their names to be added to the roster, corrections, etc.

I also played with some Facebook code that can go on a website, but that requires the pages to be upgraded to HTML5 or some other newer standard than HTML 4.01. I am not quite sure if my website project software can do that or not. I know this Bluefish editor can. But, damn I really like that Quanta software. Luckily it was free.

Date: 2013/299 (26 October, 2013)

Time flies when you are having fun! Getting this webmaster business meshed into my two different routines is not so easy. But, I think I am getting the hang of the website even if I don't yet know where everything is located. I'm thinking of some projects to update the site. I want to update the roster pages, and list emails, FB, Twitter, etc for any member who has and wants to publish such links. I am also thinking of experimenting with a Home page that is frames based, or at least a full list of links on the side for every page. It might be good to put the history pages into a wiki.

Date: 2013/283 (10 October, 2013)

Today it is my honor to take the stick as the new webmaster for I attended my first squadron reunion this past weekend, and had the privilege of meeting many of the men who made the history you find on this website. I volunteered to take this position when I read Dave Magee's notice of resignation. I did not want to see this website disappear, and thought that I might have the requirements to keep it running. Attending the reunion impressed upon me the importance of this website, and the role it plays as a collection of histories both private and public. This site also makes it possible to reconnect with the men and women we served with the squadron and the Corps.

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