Hill 881S Warriors Remember
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Last Updated; January  20,  2008

Assum, David P., LCpl, Helicopter Support Team, A/3dSPB 

Brice, John R., Pvt., Rifleman, I/3/26 

Crenshaw, Carleton B. 1stLt.  OIC 105mm Howitzer  Det, C/1/13 

Dworsky, Richard E., News Article of 19 Jan 2008 (40 years after) 

Essliner, John T., 1stLt. Commanding Officer, M/3/26

Helicopter Support Team Marines of Alpha Co. , 3rd Shore Party Battalion

Gerrard, William J. "Bill", HM2 Senior Corpsman M/3/26

Jones, Joseph M. "Sgt Rock", Sgt., Right Guide, I/3/26

Mannion, Dennis M., Cpl., Artillery Forward Observer, C/1/13

McCready, Daniel J. "Stretch", PFC., Radioman, H&S/3/26

Miller, Robert L., Sgt., 105mm Howitzer Section Leader, C/1/13 

Ortiz, John A., Sgt., 81mm Wireman and Radioman, H&S/3/26

Pettit, John, Cpl., 81mm Mortarman, H&S/3/26 

Pike. Michael A.,LCpl., Rifleman, I/3/26

Prenice, Glenn E., Sgt., Artillery Forward Observer, C/1/13 (Rev. 10-08-04)

Riley, Gary L., PFC., Fire Direction Control, C/1/13 

Smith, Ronald E. "Ron", Radioman, H&HS/3/26

Steinberg, David "Doc", HM2, Corpsman, H&HS/3/26 

Warner, Kenneth S., Rifleman, I/3/26 (Two articles) 

Wilson, Chester W., Rifleman, I/3/26

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