Sgt. H. Dean Cohoon
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12-14-67 - Crew Chief for Capt. Alan F. Davis' DFC

03-17-68 - The Day I Shot My Gunner

05-08-68 - Shoot Out at the Hai Van Pass

05-08-68 - Sgt. Curtis Batten, M/3/5 Recalls the Shoot Out

05-08-68 - "Jolly Green" Pilot Recalls the Shoot Out

05-08-68 - LCpl. Rocco Giambrocco's Dairy Entries 

06-04-68 - Crew Chief for Capt. R. P. L. Bland's Silver Star

04-11-02 - Sgt. H. Dean Cohoon's Death Notice

H. Dean Cohoon's Purple Fox Calling Card

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