Dave Powell's Hill 881S Collection - Page 15

Trenches, Bunkers and Firing Pits - Continued

Mike Company Marines packing sandbags to reinforce trench.  Dave Anderson is sitting with hand on his knee.

Further description via email from Dave Anderson: "The Marine holding the sandbag was killed a couple days after this picture was taken by incoming mortar round. The kid with the shovel had his left foot chopped off by the same round. They were the two Marines holding the position to my right located right about where we are standing. The kid in the background was killed within a few days of this photo too. It wasn't to long until there were no body's to man the positions between where Dave is taking this picture from and the end of our trench-line heading toward the LZ in the saddle. Dave is standing right in front of my position in the trenches. I was always scared to death that the NVA troops would come up the small draw that ends right over behind the shovel and then sneak into the trench on a dark foggy night. I went down into that draw with the sniper team working Mike 2's trench-line's in an attempt to ambush some NVA down there the I believe it was the night after Mike's LP killed the NVA off the Northwest end of the hill and drug his body back inside the perimeter."

If you can identify the others, drop me a note.
From left, Cpl. Michael J. Niuatoa who had the patience of Jobe and the eyes of an eagle made an excellent target spotter and 1stLt. Charles "Chuck" Schneider our artillery Forward Observer.
Michael J. Niuatoa's Bronze Star citation
Cpl. Robert J. Arrotta peers through the naval binoculars to locate the enemy.  If located, they will be subjected to either fixed wing, artillery or mortar attack.  The naval binoculars were a great asset to the occupants of Hill 881S, but were not standard issue at the company level, they had been obtained outside the normal supply system.

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