Warriors of Hill 881S Today

Revised 12 March, 2012

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Navy Cross Ceremony in Lexington, Va.

After 39 Years, Two Warriors From Hill 881S
are Still Training Marines as FACs and FOs.

Page  1 - Dennis Mannion, Anthony Bartleson, Robert L. "Bob" Miller, 
Richard & Carol Foley, Tom & Pat Esslinger, Owen Mathews
others at Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2002
Page  2 - Carol Foley, Richard Foley, Anthony Bartleson, Carol Bartleson, 
Marine Corps Ball Cake Bearers, John A. Ortiz, Cecil F. Rogers
Page  3 - Robert Tipton, Anthony Bartleson, Carol Bartleson, Sunset, 
Gayle Lopez, Carol Foley, Richard Foley and Bob Morgan.
Page  4 - Lionel Guerra, R. D. Foster, Deidra Bryan Washam, and
Pagano, Gary L. Riley, Live Iwo Jima Re-enactment,
Owen S.
Matthews, Gary L. Riley
Page  5 - Ray Addington, Robert J. Arrotta, Mozell Blackmon,
Ronald V.
Bowling, Robert G. Carnahan, Owen Matthews,
Robert Tipton, 
John Ortiz
Page  6 - Carlton B. Crenshaw, Michael J. Niuatoa, Glenn E. Prentice,
Michael F. Cullen, Jack P. Kilbride, David L. Powell,
Dennis M.
Mannion, Leroy Matlock
Page  7 - David M. Steinberg

2004 Marine Corps Birthday Ball