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Franklin A. Gulledge, Jr., Major USMC(Ret)

Rank and Organization:  Private First Class, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263, Marine Aircraft Group 16, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing

Place and date:  Republic of Vietnam, 31 January 1970

Entered service at: New Orleans, Louisiana

Born: 14 October 1947, New Orleans, Louisiana


For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 during operations against enemy forces.  Participating in a helicopter rescue mission to extract elements of a platoon which had inadvertently entered a mine field while attacking enemy positions Pfc. Clausen skillfully guided the helicopter  to a landing in an area cleared by 1 of several mine explosions.  With 11 Marines wounded, 1 dead and the remaining 8 Marines holding their positions for fear of detonating other mines, Pfc. Clausen quickly leaped from the helicopter and, in the face of enemy fire, moved across the extremely hazardous mine laden area to assist in carrying casualties to the waiting helicopter and in placing them aboard.  Despite the ever-present threat of further mine explosions he continued his valiant efforts leaving the comparatively safe area of the helicopter on 6 separate occasions to carry out his rescue efforts.  On one occasion while he was carrying one of the wounded, another mine detonated, killing a corpsman and wounding three other men.  Only when he was certain that all Marines were safely aboard did he signal the pilot to lift the helicopter.  By the courageous, determined and inspiring efforts in the face of the utmost danger, Pfc. Clausen upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the U.S. Naval Service.

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