Oral History Questions


The below questions are a guide for the folks that want to do the Oral Histories at Mesquite.  Not all questions fit each individual, that is why they are so general and far reaching.   You will not be restricted to just your time Hmm-364, this is about your total military service.  Some interviews will last about 15-20 minutes and some may last 30 minutes.   In in some few cases they could go on an hour. But 20 min would be the average. .  Pat also mentioned the idea if two or more of you were in the same"Shit Sandwich" we could combine them in the end of the interviews.  Remember folks, we have no set limits yet!

What is your Name, hometown?

Military Action
What were you doing just before you joined the Marine Corps? Student? Working? Married? Single? Children?
Under what circumstances did you enter the Marine Corps? Were you drafted or did you enlist? How old were you?
Why did you join the Marine Corps?
What was the specific unit that you were assigned to?
What kind of training did you receive? What was the most helpful part of your training?
What was the mission of your unit?
What was your rank and your job?
What are some of the things from your training that stand out in your memory?
What was a typical day like in your life during the war?
Where were you stationed?
Home Front
Did your parents approve of you serving in the military?
How did you feel about leaving home?
How did you communicate with loved ones back home?
What was different when you got back?
Frontline and Battles
Describe your living conditions while in Vietnam
Can you describe your feelings during combat ops?
How did you cope with the fear of combat?
What was your happiest (funniest or saddest) memory of the war?
Were you afraid? What was your biggest fear?
What do you think your biggest accomplishment was?
What were you most proud of during your military service?
What impact did your unit have on the outcome of the war?
How did your experiences in Vietnam affect the rest of your life?
Follow Up Questions
What would you want people to know about this time in history?
What important question did I forget to ask you?
Tell me about any friendships you made during the war.
What would you have changed about your war experience if you could?
What mistakes do you think the military made, if any, during the war.
Do you think the war could have been prevented?
What had changed when you got home from the war?
Did anything happen during the war that affected you for the rest of your life?
What do you think the biggest misconception about Vietnam is?
Do you think the war was worth the price?
Do you think fighting in the war was the moral thing to do?


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