History 2005 - 2006
As Told by the "Purple Foxes"

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In the winter ( ??/??/05) of 2005, the Foxes deployed to Al Taqaddum Airfield, Iraq for the primary mission of performing CASEVAC within the Second Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) Area of Operations (AO) in support of OIF 04-06. During the seven-month deployment the Foxes conducted 266 CASEVAC missions transporting 603 Urgent, 546 Priority, and 2623 Routine CASEVACs. The squadron also carried 442 Return-to-Duties (RTD's) back to their original units. Following the retrograde back to Camp Predilection on 15 September 2005, the squadron maintained a high level of readiness and was able to assume FRAG responsibilities earlier than scheduled.

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