November '67 Command Chronology

Marine Aircraft Group 36
1st Marine Aircraft Wing, FMFPac
FPO San Francisco, California 96602

5 Dec 1967



Commanding Officer LtCol Louis A. Gulling
01-30 Nov
Executive Officer Major  James W. Warner
01-30 Nov
Administrative Officer Major John D. Friske
01-30 Nov
Aviation Safety Officer Capt Lawrence P. Reiman
01-30 Nov
Flight Surgeon Lt James D. Johannis
01-30 Nov
Intelligence Officer Capt Charles R. Loyd
01-30 Nov
Aircraft Maintenance Officer Major James R. Parsons
01-30 Nov
Material Officer Major Leonard R. Demko
01-30 Nov
Motor Transport Officer 1stLt Ernest Kun
01-30 Nov
NATOPS Officer Capt Robert W. Wiegand
01-30 Nov
Operations Officer Major Marvin E. Peacock
01-30 Nov
Acting Operations Officer Major Anton E. Therriault
01-30 Nov
OIC Detachment "A" Major Marvin E. Peacock
01-30 Nov
OIC Detachment "C" Major James C. Robinson
01-30 Nov
Sergeant Major 1stSgt Charles Stroud
01-30 Nov
HMM-364 Main Body and Detachment "C" 
HMM-364 Detachment "A" ..

1-30 Nov 1967, Phu Bai, RVN.
1-9 Nov 1967, MAG-56, 3d Maw
10-28 Nov Embarked LPH-8




HMM-364 replaced HMM-263 on 1 November 1967 at Hue Phu Bai, RVN, acquiring all of the HMM-263 personnel and equipment.  CH-46D pilots of HMM-364 that had prior UH-34 experience augmented the UH-34 pilots from HMM-263.  Flight operations continued without interruption through 23 November 1967, at which time all the UH-34 pilots and maintenance personnel of HMM-263 were transferred to other units.  Through 23 November 1967 the squadron had accumulated 1,050.3 flight hours on the UH-34s, carried 3,430 troops/passengers and 173.5 tons of cargo in completing 1,045 tasks.

During the first 10 days of November 1967, the structural modifications of the CH-46D aircraft assigned to HMM-364, was completed at MCAF, Santa Ana, California.  The squadron aircraft, equipment and remaining personnel were loaded aboard the USS Valley Forge (LPH-8) on 10 November 1967, as scheduled.  The ship departed Long Beach, California, bound for the shores of the Republic of Vietnam, arriving on 29 November 1967.  All of the aircraft and 90% of the squadron equipment were flown ashore to Hue Phu Bai that same day thus completing the move of HMM-364 from Santa Ana, California to the Republic of Vietnam.

1 Nov 67:  On the first day of flying in South Vietnam the Squadron flew 49.4 flight hours accomplishing 38 tasks in 181 sorties.  HMM-364 UH-34s carried 132 troops/ passengers while transporting 42.2. tons of cargo.  Of these totals 3.8 flight hours, 3 tasks, 7 sorties and 7 troops/passengers were flown in support of Operation Northwest.  Sixteen medevac sorties were flown picking up 8 evacuees.

2 Nov 67:  HMM-364 aircraft flew a total of 57.4 flight hours completing 42 tasks with 131 sorties.  During a period from 0700H to 0958H, five UH-34 aircraft lifted 170 ARVN troops from YD638275 to YD535430 in support of Operation Lamson 140.  The remainder of the day the squadron carried 67 troops/passengers and 15.2 tons of cargo.  Sixteen evacuees were picked up in 10 medevac sorties.

3 Nov 67:  Eighty-five sorties were flown for 52.4 flight hours while completing 31 tasks.  The highlight for the day was when two UH-34s flew 58 sorties for 16.0 hours from 0700H to 1750H.  They lifted 23 troops/passengers and 5.0 tons of cargo.  Small arms fire was received at 1515H at AT960618 by EG-13 (148067), one round in the tail pylon, no injuries reported.

4 Nov 67:  Squadron aircraft flew 29.8 flight hours in 22 sorties carried, carried 15 troops/passengers and 0.1 tons of cargo.  No medevac missions flown. 

5 Nov 67: Flying 38 sorties HMM-364 compiled 16.2 flight hours of which mission 76/101 from 0855H to 1445H utilizing 4 UH-34s completed 12 logistic sorties for 6.4 hours, carrying 13 troops/passengers with 3.0 tons of cargo.  The remainder of the day only 7 more troops/passengers and 0.2 tons of cargo were transported. Two medevac missions carried 3 Emergency and 2 Priority evacuees.  Mission 104 received .50 caliber fire at 1815H at XD772327 with no hits reported.

6 Nov 67:  The UH-34s of HMM-364 flew 74 sorties, 32.9 flight hours carrying 80 troops/passengers and 4.7 tons of cargo.  Mission 10 from 0655H to 1200H flew 22 sorties, carrying 20 troops/passengers and 2.2 tons of cargo.  Two medevac missions carried 2 Emergency evacuees.

7 Nov 67:  HMM-364 aircraft flew 53.3 hours for 106 sorties, completed 48 tasks while carrying 63 troops/passengers and 2.2 tons of cargo.  A total of fourteen medevac missions evacuated 11 personnel.  The highlight for the day was mission 72, 0725H to 1630H in which 2 UH-34s flew 28 sorties for 7.4 hours while carrying 44 troops/passengers and 0.6 tons of cargo. 

8 Nov 67:  The squadron flew 176 sorties while completing 59 tasks in 51.8 flight hours.  101 troops/passengers and 18.35 tons of cargo were transported.  Nine medevac missions evacuated 9 patients.  Mission 66, 1015H to 1600H, 2 UH-34s flew 5.8 flight hours for 35 sorties, carried 18 troops/passengers and 6.5 tons of cargo.

9 Nov 67:  HMM-364 aircraft flew 228 sorties compiling 72.1 flight hours.  The squadron completed 55 tasks while carrying 413 troops/passengers and 5.4 tons of cargo.  Mission 69, 0650H to 0915H, using 15 UH-34s flew 129 sorties for 30.6 flight hours, carried 265 troops/passengers and 2.0 tons of cargo.  EG-12 (148764) took sniper fire at 0850H at YD582182, one round entering a main rotor blade piercing its main spar.  Mission 82, 1300H to 1800H, 10 UH-34s flew 18.9 flight hours in 48 sorties carrying 32 troops/passengers.  Two aircraft reported small arms fire, no hits were recorded.  Of the above two missions 154 sorties, 39.2 flight hours, 282 troops were in support of Operation Neosho.

10 Nov 67:  HMM-364 compiled 29.1 flight hours while flying 110 sorties, carrying 145 troops/passengers and 2.0 tons of cargo.  Seventeen medevac missions were flown picking up 12 evacuees.  Mission 77, from 1512H to 1945H, with 6 UH-34s flew 21.8 flight hours while making 75 sorties, lifting 118 troops/passengers, two emergency medevacs picked up two personnel, all in support of Operation Neosh.  Mission 75 A & B, from 1545H to 1705H, with 4 UH-34s flew four sorties in 2.1 hours, carried 7 troops/passengers, and four medical evacuations.  One RECON insertion was made at YD775065 with an extraction at the same coordinates. 

11 Nov 67:  The squadron flew 136 sorties for 71.3 flight hours during which time it completed 50 tasks, carried 160 troops/passengers and 11.4 tons of cargo.  One medevac mission was flown with the extraction of one evacuee.  Mission 80, 0719H to 1000H, in which 1o UH-34 aircraft flew 37 sorties for 18.5 flight hours.  One "other" medical evacuation patient was carried.  Small arms fire was received at classified coordinates, no hits were reported.  Mission 74 with three UH-34s flew from 1055H to 1255H and completed 19 sorties, 5.9 flight hours, carried 33 troops/ passengers.  One RECON insertion/extraction was made at YD997013 and to other extractions from ZC094957 and YD416284.

12 Nov 67:  Squadron operations were effected by weather.  Mission 68, 70, 76 were canceled due to low ceilings.  Even so 9.3 flight hours were recorded with five tasks and 13 sorties, carrying 15 troops/passengers.

13 Nov 67:  For the second consecutive day squadron operations were affected by weather, two missions had to be canceled one of which was a RECON insertion.  Even with bad weather 38.3 flight hours were flown for 124 sorties completing 27 tasks while carrying 245 troops/passengers and 3.4 tons of cargo.  Mission 79, 1015H to 1520H, in which 7 UH-34s flew compiled 19.1 hours for 66 sorties carrying 151 U. S. Marines in support of Operation Navahoe.  30 caliber fire was received at 1400H at AT897516.  EG-24 (143973) received one round in the radio compartment.  EG-20 (150260) received multiple hits in the cabin section along with one in the turtle back.

14 Nov 67:  The squadron flew 46.4 hours completing 41 tasks in 137 sorties, during which time they carried 281 troops/passengers along with 2.4 tons of cargo.  Five medevac missions carried 11 evacuees.  Of the above totals 10.6 flight hours, 60 sorties, 187 troops/passengers and 0.6 tons of cargo were in support of Operation Neosho.

15 Nov 67:  UH-34s from HMM-364 flew 45.8 hours during which time 79 tasks taking 116 sorties were completed.  During this time 230 troops/passengers and 8.7 tons of cargo were transported.  Mission 76 which took from 1820H until 1930H flew 4.4 hours in carrying 40 troops/passengers with the use of 4 UH-34 aircraft.  Small arms fire was reported at YD7620, no hits were recorded.  Mission 30, 1532H to 2000H, in which 4 UH-34 aircraft flew, carried 116 troops/passengers and 3.0 tons of cargo in 30 sorties for 14.8 flight hours.  Small arms fire was received at 1899H at AT905387, one hit was received in the bottom of the fuselage.

16 Nov 67:  HMM-364 flew 44.4 hours completing 64 tasks in 163 sorties during which time they carried 112 troops/passengers.  Thirty-five medevac sorties were completed extracting 22 evacuees.  Mission 73, 0809H to 0950H, 2 UH-34s flew 20 sorties, 3.4 flight hours, carrying 11 troops/passengers along with 4.1 tons of cargo.  Mission 80, 0640H to 1920H, two UH-34 aircraft flew 37 sorties, 16.6 flight hours carrying 51 troops/passengers, 5.6 tons of cargo and two routine medical evacu- ations.  EG-4 received small arms fire at 1700H at BT86854, one round passing through the bottom of the fuselage rupturing the aft fuel cell.

17 Nov 67:  Flying 98 sorties for 42.1 flight hours HMM-364 aircraft completed 38 tasks by carrying 85 troops/passengers and 0.5 tons of cargo.  Also six medevac missions extracted 6 evacuees.  Mission 85, 1505H to 1706H, 2 UH-34s flying 4.6 hours carried 18 troops/passengers in 8 sorties.

18 Nov 67:  HMM-364 flew 38.9 hours for 51 completed tasks in 116 sorties, carrying 125 troops/passengers.  Ten medevac missions were flown in picking up 9 evacuees.  Mission 70, 0905H to 1110H, 4 UH-34 aircraft flew 24 sorties in 8.4 hours while transporting 60 troops/passengers.

19 Nov 67:  The squadron compiled 60.6 flight hours flying 142 sorties while  completing 73 tasks, carrying 101 troops/passengers and 9.3 tons of cargo.  Medevac sorties numbered 21 evacuating 13 casualties.  Mission 55, 0805H to 1352H, one UH-34 flew 12 sorties for 3.5 flight hours tranwsporting 4 troops/ passengers while carrying out 6 medevac missions evacuating 18 personnel.

20 Nov 67:  UH-34's from HMM-364 flew 60.8 hours with 449 sorties for 73 tasks.  101 troops/passengers along with 9.3 tons of cargo were carried today.  Medevac sorties numbered 21 for 13 evacuees recovered.  Mission 69, 0759H to 0921H, nine UH-34s flew 46 sorties, in 12.0 flight hours while carrying 138 troops/passengers.  Six of nine aircraft received small arms fire at 0830H at YD685295.  The aircraft expended 220 rounds of M-60 ammunition, no hits were received by the aircraft.  Three RECON extractions were scheduled and flown.

21 Nov 67:  63.1 flight hours were compiled in completing 73 tasks in 449 sorties carrying 268 troops/passengers along with 16.9 tons of cargo.  Mission 64, 1240H to 1655H, three UH-34s from HMM-364 flew 33 sorties for 11.5 flight hours, 38 troops/ passengers were carried.  RECON insertions were flown at YD736085, ZC084967, YC988967, YC988967, and YD554237.  One RECON extraction was made at ZC084967.  Enemy fire was received at ZC989968, no hits were recorded.  Mission 22 and 33, 0700H to 1915H, two UH-34s flew 62 sorties while compiling 15.0 flight hours in carrying 90 troops/passengers.  Two medevac missions flown evacuated 8 personnel.  EG-24 received small arms fire at 1715H at AT852524 on mission 22, no hits were received but, at 1845H at AT910578 on mission 33 received one hit in the pylon section.

22 Nov 67:  Eighty-eight tasks were completed in 121 sorties which took 27.8 flight hours.  2.05 tons of cargo were carried along with 288 troops/passengers.  Ten evacuees were picked up in 9 medevac sorties.  A portion of mission 63 was canceled due to low ceilings.  Mission 67, 1305H to 1505H, three UH-34 aircraft completed 27 sorties, 6.1 flight hours, 40 troops/passengers.  The flight received fire at YC980987, no hits were recorded.  Mission 35/19, 0951H to 1920H, one aircraft flew 7.5 hours in 22 sorties transporting 47 troops/passengers and 0.6 tons of cargo.  EG-16 received small arms fire at 1126H at BT028562, no hits were recorded.  Mission 70, 0630H to 2049H, two UH-34s, compiled 72 sorties in 17.6 flight hours while carrying 98 troops/passengers and 1.5 tons of cargo.  Small arms fire was received at 1835H at AT918568 again no hits were recorded.

23 Nov 67:  During HMM-364's last day of flying the UH-34 aircraft it logged 31.2 flight hours, 98 sorties completing 36 tasks in carrying 99 troops/passengers and 5.5 tons of cargo.  Mission 63B, 1506H to 1730H, two UH-34s flew 15 sorties in 4.8 flight hours during which time 19 troops/passengers and 1.8 tons of cargo were carried.  EG-4 received small arms fire at 1730H at YD325524 with one hit recorded in the clam shell doors.

24 - 25 Nov 67:  No flight operations were scheduled.  HMM-364 was at this time making preparations for the arrival of their CH-46D aircraft.  All UH-34 maintenance personnel were transferred during this time.  Also during this time the squadron pilots flew with HMM-362.

29 Nov 67:  HMM-364's aircraft arrived in Vietnam, with all aircraft flying from LPH-8 to Phu Bai.  While transporting their aircraft and equipment from LPH-8 the squadron flew 37.9 flight hours, 82 sorties and carried 106 troops/passengers and 31.4 tons of equipment.

30 Nov 67:  No flight operations were scheduled today.



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