September '70 - Command Chronology

Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364
Marine Aircraft Group 16
1st Marine Aircraft Wing, FMFPac
FPO San Francisco, California 96602
Ser: 03A27770--
4 October 1970


1-30 September 1970, Marble Mountain Air Facility, DaNang, RVN

Commanding Officer LtCo. P. C. Scaglione, Jr.
1-15 September 1970
LtCol. H. W. Steadman
16-30 September 1970
Executive Officer Maj. W. L. Becker
1-30 September 1970
Administrative Officer Maj. D. S. Jensen
1-30 September 1970
Operations Officer Maj. N. R. VanLeeuwen
1-30 September 1970
Aircraft Maintenance Officer Capt. C. N. Knox
1-30 September 1970
Logistics Officer Capt. A. C. Blades
1-30 September 1970
NATOPS Officer Capt. A. J. Garcia
1-30 September 1970
Flight Surgeon Lt. USN (MC) R. A. Moyer
1-30 September 1970
Intelligence Officer 1stLt. J. A. Owens
1-30 September 1970
Motor Transport Officer 1stLt. D. Cooper
1-30 September 1970
Sergeant Major SgtMaj. R. D. Brandt
1-30 September 1970
Average Monthly Strength

During  the month of  September,  the "Purple Foxes"  flew 1,486.4  hours.  This effort represented 1,728 tasks for 6,262 sorties,  including the transport of 15,692 troops/passengers  and  443.3  tons  of  cargo.   Two  hundred  and  twenty seven missions  were  flown  carrying  four hundred  and forty one  casualties.  This in- cluded 136 emergency, 149 priority and 161 routine evacuees assisted.

HMM-364's helicopters were  fired at eighteen times with  seven aircraft taking a total  of  twenty seven  hits.   The  first aircraft hit had  one round impact  in the avionics  compartment and  another go through  the cabin section.  Another air- craft had its aft blades hit by enemy fire while at a hover and resulted in a minor injury  to  the  gunner.   While at a  hover  the  third aircraft  to be  hit,  had one round  impact in  the cabin section and another in  the ramp.   The forth aircraft was at a  hover of  50' and had one forward blade  hit by ground fire.   The  high aircraft  for  the month got  five hits  in  the  aft pylon that  knocked out  the  #2 hydraulic boost.   The sixth aircraft to be hit,  resulted in damage to the ARC-74 and a  forward rotor  blade.  On  the last day of  the month,  the seventh aircraft was  flying low  level due to adverse  weather conditions and  received fire  which damaged the airframe, fuel cell and the number 1 generator. 

The "Purple Foxes" maintained an average aircraft availability of 11 and an air- crew  availability  of  17.   Forty-six  Strike/Flight Awards, a  Bronze  Star,  Navy Commendation Medal and  four Navy Achievement Medals w/Vs were presented to  members of the squadron.   The high pilot for  the month flew 112.1, with the high crew chief and gunner flying 84.1 and 117.8 hours respectively.


1 September 1970 -  Aircraft  154042  had  the  inside  spar  edge  on the forward blade dented due to striking a branch in the zone.

3 September 1970 - Aircraft  153347  suffered  skin  damage  on underside of the port fueling station on a recon insert.

7 September 1970 - Aircraft  154043  on  a  resupply mission punctured a hole in the belly when it set down on the cargo being dropped off.

14 September 1970 - Aircraft 153376 struck a tree in a zone, while on a medevac, causing blade damage to the aft blades.

15 September 1970 - Lieutenant  Colonel  P. C.  SCAGLIONE, JR.  relinquished command  of this unit to  Lieutenant Colonel  H. W. STEADMAN at  Change of Command ceremonies held in the squadron area.

19 September 1970 - Aircraft 154027 lost #1 engine and shot an emergency land- ing to the beach.  No further damage occurred.

20 September 1970 - Aircraft 154815 had the #3 oil scavenger line  severed which threw  oil  on  the  #1 engine causing a fire.   The aircraft  was set  down  without further incident.

21 September 1970 -  Aircraft  154041  on  a  recon  mission had a high T5 on #1 engine, loss of #1 Nr and due to loss of Nthe pilot executed an emergency land- ing.  No damage was incurred.

23 September 1970 - Aircraft 154042 severed the right main mounts scissors on a recon mission.

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