Aug. '66 Command Chronology
Ser:  03A24866
5 September 1966

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
S-1 Officer
S-2 Officer
S-3 Officer
S-4 Officer
Maintenance Officer
D. A. Somerville
M. J. Needham
E. R. Doane
G. M. Andres
C. D. Riordan
J. E. Gunnels
R. E. Gleason
29 Mar. - 1 Sep. 66
4 Jan. -  1 Sep. 66
1 Jun. - 1 Sep. 66
6 Mar. - 1 Sep. 66
20 Jun. - 1 Sep. 66
15 Mar. - 1 Sep. 66
1 Jan. - 1 Sep. 66 

1 - 5 Aug: During the period from 1-5 August the squadron flew 12 routine resupply missions and 4 VIP hops.  Eight medevacs were also flown during this period.  One convoy escort was flown by two UH-34s.  A total of three recon insertion/retraction hops were also flown.

6 Aug:  On 6 August Operation COLORADO, a sweep and clear operation involving the 5th Marine Regiment commenced.  The LSA was established as the base of helicopter operations in the Tam Ky compound at the provincial headquarters Quang Tin.  Ten aircraft participated in a 23 plane troop lift from AT 982230 to AT 037208.  Four aircraft lifted a company of Marines from the LSA to AT 037208 and the same aircraft picked up a company of Marines from coordinates AT 979235 and returned them to the LSA.  Eight aircraft participated in a 24 aircraft lift of refugees from AT 995124 to Quang Tin.  A night emergency resupply mission of eight aircraft to AT 994254 received fire from the vicinity of AT 992218 but no hits were taken.

7 Aug:  5 aircraft participated in a troop retraction of 81 Marines from AT980325 to Quang Tin.  Four aircraft participated in a recon insertion from the LSA and inserted the team at BT135247.  Another team was retracted from BT135247 and returned to the LSA.  During the remainder of the day the aircraft flew routine direct support and medevac flights.

8 - 9 Aug:  The squadron aircraft participated in no major lifts.  The aircraft flew direct support missions, several medevac missions, and one area recon/weather check.  One troop retraction was flown by two aircraft from BT000315 to AT985333.

10 Aug:  The squadron flew one ARVN resupply from Quang Ngai to Nui Dau.  The squadron also flew direct support for the 9th Marines.  One VIP hop was flown to Da Nang carrying the CMC party from the Marine Air Freight landing area to the III MAF helo pad.

11 Aug:  Twelve aircraft participated in a troop lift from BT 228315 and BT 137366 to BT 195240.  Fire was received from the LZ at BT 195240.  A total of 72 troops were transported.  Twelve aircraft retracted 120 troops from AT 947298 and AT 950297 and returned them to the LSA.  In addition, four routine resupplies were flown as well as 55 medevacs transported.

12 Aug:  Nine aircraft participated in two routine troop lifts and several routine resupplies, carrying 10 tons of cargo.  Ten medevac missions were flown transporting a total of 78 wounded men.

13 Aug:  Eight aircraft lifted 48 troops to BT164285.  Small arms fire was encountered upon entering the zone but no hits were received.  The same aircraft then performed mission 1082, a troop lift of 157 troops to BT164285 from Quang Tin.  Four aircraft performed a troop lift from Quang Tin to BT239226 lifting 40 troops.  Four medevac flights involving 7 Marines were also flown.

16 Aug:   Eight passengers were lifted by 4 aircraft on a VIP mission for Premier Ky and his party. Three medevacs were also flown during the day.

17 Aug:  The squadron flew three medevac missions, one courier flight and one resupply from Quang Ngai to Duc Pho and Nui Dang, utilizing 4 aircraft and lifting 60,000 pounds of ammunition.

18 Aug:  One of two aircraft on a medevac/resupply mission experienced engine difficulties en route to Song Ha and was forced to land.  The aircraft was repaired by the maintenance crew and flown to Ky Ha.  Some sniper fire was received in the area, but no hits were sustained.  Sixteen aircraft were launched on a recon insertion to BT252042, lifting 78 troops.  In another emergency insertion, 15 aircraft were flown to BS769437.  The aircraft received fire and YK-3 received 2 hits.  The pilots and gunner received minor shrapnel wounds.

19 Aug:  One medevac flight and one recon insertion by 5 aircraft to BT135195 and BT012145 were flown.  In addition 2 admin. hops were flown as well as one SAR hop.

20 Aug:  Two medevacs and one routine resupply from Hill 707 to BT18998 were flow.

21 Aug:  Six medevacs were flown during the day.  On one of these flights one aircraft received fire from the vicinity of AT090043 and BS6582.  No hits were taken.

22 Aug:  Five aircraft each performed the following recon insertions and retractions; from Quail to BT308113, a retraction from BT212128 to Tien Phouc, small arms fire encountered in the vicinity of BT212128, but no aircraft were hit.

23 Aug:  Seven aircraft performed a recon insertion from LZ Quail to BT238086.  Five aircraft performed a recon insertion of 18 troops from Hill 54 to AT055227.  The aircraft received some fire from the northern portion of the zone upon departing.  In addition the squadron performed one medevac flight and one admin. flight.

24 Aug:  Five medevac missions were flown during the day in addition to one admin. and one liaison flight.

25 Aug:  Seventeen aircraft departed Ky Ha on an ARVN troop lift of the 1st Bn. 51st Reg. and the 39th Ranger Bn. from Hoi An to BT 195489 and Dien Ban to BT 218520.  The flight was led by Maj. Needham, the squadron's XO.

26 Aug:  Six medevac missions were flown during the day.  The squadron also flew several routine resupplies to the areas around Ky Ha and took maintenance gear from Ky Ha to Quang Ngai for YK-12, a down aircraft.  A VIP hop was flown from the 1st Division VIP pad at Chu Lai to the hospital ship REPOSE with General Carl.

28 Aug:  The only major lift of the day saw sixteen aircraft and Two Klondike UH-1Es lift 659 Marines from coordinates BS488873 and BS493898 to BS460860.  The flight was led by LtCol. Somerville and the new CO of MAG-36, Colonel Armstrong, flew as his copilot.  The lift lasted 1.5 hours.  In addition two medevacs were flown during the day as well as direct support resupplies for Operation JACKSON.

29 Aug:  Six aircraft attempted to perform a resupply from Quang Ngai to BS 798418.  The mission was aborted due to heavy AA fire from the ground.  On a secondary mission the aircraft carried 25,000 pounds of cargo to Duc Pho.  Two aircraft flew in direct support of the ROK Marines and carried 8,850 pounds of cargo and 11 passengers.  In addition a VIP hop was flown by 2 aircraft.

30 Aug:  Four aircraft departed on mission 2119, a recon insertion from Lz Quail to BT275060 and BT322000.  A total of 36 troops were lifted.  Four aircraft departed on an ARVN troop lift of 30 people from Nui Khon to An Hoa (BS473863).  Upon departing one aircraft experienced engine failure and a retraction platoon and maintenance crew were sent to the downed aircraft.  The mission was then completed.  Six aircraft lifted 33,000 pounds of supplies from Ky Ha to Phuc Lam, as well as transporting 82 troops.

31 Aug:  Four medevac missions were flown throughout the day.  In addition four aircraft inserted recon teams at BT025085 and BS098998.  Four additional aircraft relocated a recon team from BT062078 to BT025085.


1.  AWARDS:  HMM-364 personnel were awarded twelve Purple Hearts, four Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Medals, and two Secretary of the Navy Commendation for achievement ribbons.

2.  CASUALTIES:  Ten personnel wounded as a result of hostile action.

Submitted by:
    Franklin A. Gulledge, Jr., Major USMC (Ret)

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