Gallantry Cross Medal - Republic of Vietnam
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This cross was established on Aug. 15, 1950 by the Republic of Vietnam, as an award for outstanding bravery by officers and enlisted men who distinguished themselves conspicuously by gallantry in action at the risk of life.  It corresponds to the French Croix de Guerre, (which design it resembles).

The bronze cross has flared decorative edges and two crossed swords, points up, between the arms of the crosses and superimposed on a decorative wreath-like design - - which is really two "dragon-like" figures.  On the obverse in the center ia a raised disk with a sprig of laurel at the bottom and a map of Vietnam in the center, which contains the inscription  in Vietnamese, "In Remembrance of Work Well Done."  The badge is suspended from an ornamental bronze plaque which is attached to the ribbon.

The ribbon is red with a wide center stripe of gold, which is divided by 16 very thin stripes of red.

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