Purple Fox Becomes a Federal Judge

It gives me pleasure to relate the following information received from Colonel Eugene R. "Papa Fox" Brady:

After a lengthy and extensive process, Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan has recently received confirmation from the Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC that he was selected as a Federal Administrative Law Judge.  His appointment will become effective on 12 June 2005 and is a lifetime appointment.  On that date I will henceforth address him as Judge Donovan but,  will always remember him as a Purple Fox.

Initially he will conduct hearings brought before the Social Security Administration but can be assigned to any agency of the Federal Government.  As part of the overall process, he will spend four weeks in Dallas, Texas receiving instructions and procedures.  After the short training period his initial assignment will be in Orland Park, Illinois.  Unlike his collateral duties as Legal Officer for the squadron where I would give him an occasional clerk of lesser rank, Judge Donovan will have an extensive staff.

When more information is available I will update this posting.

Uncle Frank

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