2ndLt. Eileen C. Donovan an Officer of Marines

Our Marine Corps is fortunate to now have another Donovan among its ranks.  Eileen C. Donovan has recently completed Officer Candidate School where she excelled in all areas of leadership and academics.  Her father, Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan is extremely proud of her and her accomplishments.  Those of us Vietnam era Marines who have been fortunate enough to meet Eileen during both the 2002 and 2004 reunions can appreciate she will carry her father's legacy proudly and aspire to be one of the best Officers our Corps has to offer.  Eileen will join The Basic School at Quantico on January 12, 2005 and from there she will go to Pensacola for flight training as she holds an aviation contract.

Right after the graduation parade from left; Eileen's brother Pat, her father
Major, Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan USMCR (Vet), her mother Beba Donovan,
2ndLt. Eileen C. Donovan, USMCR and Eileen's best friend Alisia Eckert.

From left; Major Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan USMCR (Vet), 2ndLt. Eileen C.
Donovan, USMCR and Col. William A. "Grease Gun" Beebe, USMC (Ret).

From left; Lt. Donovan's platoon sergeant, GySgt. Holly Ellington, USMC, Joseph
P. "Pat" Donovan, 2ndLt. Donovan and Beba Donovan.  Beba is acknowledging
the bars as those formerly owned by Col. Richard L. "Rich" Bianchino, USMC (Ret).

Eileen, all the Vietnam Purple Foxes are proud of you and send you off on
your new career as an Officer of Marines with our best wishes and a big

For those who are not familiar with the legacy of Joseph P. "Pat" Donovan, the following link is provided.

Legacy of Pat Donovan

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