It's a Very Small World
(Your website proves that)

On 27 April 1964, HMM-364 conducted a helicopter assault on a Viet Cong stronghold known as Do Xa , Maj. John Braddon rescued a Vietnamese Air Force pilot, who while supporting the attack, was shot down in an A1-E Skyraider.  A few months later a son, Quang X. Pham, was born to this VNAF pilot.

Ten or so years later the youngster immigrated to the United States and it is believed his father was sent to a re-education facility in Vietnam.  Quang became a citizen, was a good student and eventually was Commissioned a 2ndLt. In the United States Marine Corps.  He  was selected for flight training and was sent to Pensacola where he roomed with another young 2ndLt. Philip Grathwol.

On 8 January 2004 your webmaster received an e-mail from Mr. Quang X. Pham, now a business man in California, asking if I had any idea of how to contact Maj. Braddon, LtCol. LaVoy and Cpl. Warren R. Smith whose names he had obtained from the narrative about the Do Xa Strike Mission.  Almost 40 years later he was able to write to those responsible for rescuing his father.

Quang was a helicopter pilot and remained on active duty until he was a Major.  His roommate during a phase of his training at Pensacola, Phil Grathwol, was the Executive Officer of HMM-364 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It is truly a small world and I am glad that this site has assisted in making it so.

The link below tells a bit of Quang X. Pham's rise to become a successful business man in this country.

Starting From Scratch

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