Edward R. "Ed" Knoff, MSGT USMC(Ret) Remembers

Sgt. Ed Knoff 70-71


Does anyone remember the night the 4 holer head in the staff and officers area burned to the ground?  Rumor has it that a certain Cpl. Joe (the dirty dutchman) Dobosz burned it down because he was forced to vacate the crapper by a SSgt. as he was taking his constitution.  It seems we were in one of the Officers hootches partaking of some libation that was not always available to us since we were Cpl's and Lcpl's.  Joe had to take care of an urge that only messhall chow can bring on one.  As he sat there a SSgt. of sorts came in and sat across from Joe.  The SSgt. asked Joe if he were a SNCO.  Of course Joe said, "No."  The SSgt. promptly told Joe to pinch it off and get out of his area.  As the story goes, Joe supposedly staggered to the hangar area where he aquired some AVGAS and well the rest is history.  Now remember I did say it was only rumored that it was Joe that had anything to do with that crapper burning down.  I don't know if my recounting of this story is accurate or not because at some point in time that night I lost all recollection of time, where I was or even my name.

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