The Distinguished Flying Cross


              The President of   the  United  States  takes  pleasure  in  presenting  the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS to



for service as set forth in the following


                               "For heroism and extraordinary achievement  in aerial flight while  serving as a  Pilot with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, Marine Aircraft Group Sixteen,  First Marine Aircraft Wing  in  connection with combat operations against  the enemy in  the Republic of  Vietnam.  On  the morning of 24 November 1970,  Major Jensen  launched  from  Combat Support Base Baldy as  Section Leader  of  a  flight  of two CH-46 transport helicopters assigned  the emergency medical evacuation of six wounded Marines from three separate posi- tions in  the  Que Son Mountains.  Despite a  ceiling of  approximately fifty feet, fog, and heavy rains which severely restricted visibility and strong, gusting winds which  hampered his  maneuverability,  he navigated to  the landing  zone of the first  position and evacuated the casualties without incident.   After arriving over the second extraction site, he was informed that  the unit had been under intense hostile mortar and small arms  fire and that a hoist extraction might be required because of  the dense jungle growth.  Finding a small opening in  the canopy,  he dropped  an extraction litter to the ground and then took evasive action to elude enemy fire as he lifted out of the area and established an orbit until the wounded Marine was  secured to  the litter.   When word was received that the Marine was ready,  Major Jensen,  undaunted by  the intensity of  the hostile fire directed  at his aircraft, skillfully maneuvered into the hazardous  area and, sighting a  clear- ing on  the ridge, backed  his transport toward  the ridge and  balanced his ramp against the hillside until the wounded man was placed aboard. Leading his flight to Hill 425, he transferred his patients to  another helicopter and then proceeded to the  third Marine  position.  Undeterred  by deteriorating  weather  conditions which  caused many hilltops and ridges in the area to be totally obscured, Major Jensen air taxied slowly along  a river bed until he reached  the site and found  it to be bounded on three sides by steep, heavily wooded terrain.  Upon locating  a small, sandy clearing,  he backed his transport into  the area and quickly embar- ked  the casualty.  Although he  encountered a heavy volume of enemy fire as he began to lift out of the area,  he succeeded in eluding  the fire as he departed  for the nearest medical  facility.  Major Jensen's courage,  superior airmanship, and unwavering  devotion to duty in  the face  of great personal danger  were  instru- mental in  accomplishing  the  hazardous  mission  and were  in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service."


/S/ Wm. K. Jones


Original After Action Report

After Action Report Reproduced

Pilot Major. Duane S. Jensen 
Copilot 1stLt. Gary W. Benson (Lt. Benson was receiving his HAC check)
Crew Chief Sgt. Hilbert J. Torrez
Gunner  LCpl. John E. Kelly
Gunner Rank? T. K. Mizuta (TAD gunner)
JZ Baldy Departed on Mission 41 (medivac) at 0955
BT991438 Picked up 2 routine evacuees
BT993437 Picked up 2 emergency evacuees (Received fire)
Hill 425 Transferred the 4 evacuees to wingman who was orbiting Hill 425
BT982421 Picked up 2 routine and 1 emergency evacuees (Received fire)
95th Evac No mention of how many were delivered to 95th Evac
Sanctuary No mention of how many were deliveded to the USNS Sanctuary
MMAF Refuel, mission completed at 1120

Citation and After Action Reportprovided by:
    Franklin A. Gulledge, Jr., Major USMC (Ret) and,
    Headquarters, United States Marine Corps

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