1stSgt. Earl P. Ewing's Daughter
Seeks Information About Her Father

Earl P. Ewing, 70-71 Cruise Book Photo
Dear Sir,

My father served with the Purple Foxes in 1970-71.  He had two additional tours in Vietnam but I am not sure of the years, I was very young then.  I am trying to locate some men that may have known my father who passed away in 1995.

He didn't talk a lot about that time and after hearing and reading about some of the stories, I can understand why he would be hesitant to share some of that information with his daughter.  I have contacted a few men and they have told me several stories and some of their experiences with my father.

I am proud to me a Military Brat and will always consider myself one.  If there is some way that you can let me know some of the names or give my name out to those that knew him , I would greatly appreciate it.

My children did get to met their grandfather once but they were so little, my youngest doesn't remember him.  I have printed out some of these letters and when they get older I will share these stories with them.

I miss my father terribly.  It would a comfort if I could here more about my dad and some of the things he did.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and also a real hard ass at the same time.  I mean that in a very respectful way.

I hope you can help me.  I am living in Pensacola now.  I was able to attend one of the reunions when it was here. They dedicated the reunion to my father at "The Wall" we have here in Pensacola.  I will carry that memory with me always.  Everyone was very friendly and I felt right at home with these guys.

My e-mail address is;  Tobefre84@yahoo.com and truly do appreciate you time.

Semper Fi,
Cathy Loft

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