The Silver Star


                   The  President  of  the United States  takes pleasure  in presenting the SILVER STAR MEDAL to


for service as set forth in the following 


For  conspicuous gallantry and  intrepidity in action while  serving as  the  Com- manding  Officer of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364,  Marine  Aircraft Group 16,  1st Marine Aircraft Wing  in conjunction with operations against the enemy in  the Republic of Vietnam.   On 26 February 1969,  Lieutenant  Colonel Brady  launched as  Aircraft Commander  aboard a  CH-46 transport  helicopter assigned  the emergency medical  evacuation of  seven casualties  from a  Marine position  5,000  meters  north of  An Hoa.   Undaunted by  the  extremely  heavy volume of hostile small arms, automatic weapons, and machine gun fire directed against  his aircraft,  he skillfully maneuvered to a landing in  the fire-swept area and resolutely remained in a dangerously exposed position until all the wounded Marines were  embarked.  When his helicopter sustained serious  battle  damage, rupturing the fuel lines and rendering most of  the aircraft's systems  inoperable, Lieutenant Colonel Brady skillfully maneuvered  his crippled CH-46 to an emer- gency  landing  250  meters  from  the  perimeter  he had just left.   Directing the immediate  disembarkation  of  the casualties from  the fuel saturated  cabin,  he established  a  tight  defensive  perimeter  and completely  disregarding  his  own safety  while moving  to each Marine's position  to encourage them, check injur- ies, and ensure maximum fire was being delivered against the enemy.  When one of the injured Marines sprang from the perimeter and ran toward his company's position,  he collapsed.   Oblivious  to  the enemy  rounds  impacting  near  him, Lieutenant Colonel Brady fearlessly dashed to the side of the wounded man and carried  him back to a covered position.   By his inspiring courage,  superior air- manship, and unwavering devotion to duty in  the face of great personal danger, Lieutenant  Colonel  Brady  reflected great  credit upon  himself and  upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval service.

                                                                            For the President,

                                                                            Secretary of the Navy

Crew of YK-5

LtCol. Eugene R. Brady Pilot
1stLt. Gary E. Stackhouse Copilot
Cpl. Ernesto Gomez Crew Chief
Cpl. Donald M. Chamberlin Gunner
Cpl. Maurice P. Tewes Gunner
HM3 James M. Garrett Corpsman

After Action Report

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