Michael J. "Mike" Greene, Cpl. '68-'69

0-30-99    I vividly remember the support we rendered the Bob Hope Christmas Show at Freedom Hill in December '68.  The squadron cleaned up three "working birds", polished them, reinstalled the sound proofing and even put the windows back in them.  Mike Clausen was the crew chief that carried the Gold Diggers dance team which remained in the area for about three days.  When the crews completed the support and returned, the inside of Mike's bird had graffiti all over it.  The Gold Diggers had written short notes on the soundproofing with their lipsticks such as, "Merry Merry", "Love Sherry", "We Love You Mike", etc.

The Gold Diggers in Thailand 1968
Webmaster could not find photograph of them at Freedom Hill

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