Colonel Ernest C. Cunningham, USMC (Ret)



Colonel Ernest C. Cunningham, USMC (Ret) received this honor and is included as one of two hundred living members who meet the select criteria as best of the best in Naval Aviation, “The Golden Eagles”.
The Early and Pioneer Naval Aviators Association, better known as “The Golden Eagles” was founded in 1956 and functions as a living memorial to those early Naval Aviators who pioneered and provided the leadership for the development of this military aviation force.
By Charter, United States Marine Corps members shall be no more in number than 25%, while the balance are United States Navy members.
Selections for membership are made from those Naval Aviators who are pioneers in some new aspect of Naval Aviation or who are respected by their peers as being leaders because of their outstanding skills as a pilot, their wide experience, good judgment, personal character and their dedication to flying.

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