The Genesis Of "The Chicken Man" Ring

I grew up during high school and junior college in Chicago.  There was a popular radio station there  WLS AM  I believe.  As you may recall our helicopters had a radio receiver that for practical purposes the only thing we ever used it for was to listen to the Armed Forces Radio station in Viet Nam.  We never  listened to this during critical times but often we might be in route for an hour  or more flying up or down the coast, and while monitoring our tactical frequecies, often would dial in the Armed Forces Radio.  Typically they would play music and a bit of news kind of like driving in your '57 Chevy and cruising while listening to the radio back home.  You may recall a movie with Robin Williams "Good morning Vietnam."  One day while leading a flight of 4 CH-46's as aircraft commander I gave the flight instructions to tune in the radio station.  My favorite old radio station from Chicago was playing a regular skeet called the adventures of the Chicken Man.  I guess you had to be there to appreciate the silliness of this but it seemed funny as hell to me and a lot of others.  After that episode I was dubbed the "Chicken Man"  and for the rest of my tour I was a squadron test pilot and would frequently be on the base frequency while other pilots hearing my voice would key their mikes and transmit on this common frequency Chicken Man snippets from the skeet.  Again you had to be there but it all was pretty funny in the middle of a war zone and provided a comic break in our day to day lives.

Bill "The Chicken Man" Ring

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