Cpl. Thomas J. "TJ" Miller Remembers

Cpl. Miller crewed YK-14 (dubbed T.J.'s Taxi) until it hit high time and was sent to O&R.  He then inherited a humble, cannabilized, YK-7 (dubbed T.J.'s Taxi II).  With some TLC and begged, borrowed and stolen parts managed to make it airworthy and crewed it until his tour was up in Dec 68.

Probably the most memorable day of my life was the day we lost YK-13.  I was flying medevac with Major Demko that same morning.  We tried to get into Hue but got shot up and I ended up with a downed plane.  Took a round in the sync shaft.  My gunner switched guns to YK-13.  It was about dinnertime and YK-13 hadn't received orders to launch so the gunner and I went to noon chow.  On the way to the mess hall we saw YK-13 fly by on a medevac mission.  Evidently that's why Cpl. Copeland (a crew chief from my section) and Sgt. Shelton (my section leader) were on the plane.  They jumped on for gunner support.  The standing rule was that two crew chiefs were not to fly on the same plane.  But, the mission was more important than some rule.  This doesn't surprise me because everyone always wanted a piece of the action.  On the way back from the mess hall we ran into some of our squadron members and that's when I receive the news about YK-13.

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