MAG-36 1st Provisional Rifle Company

As I recall sometime in late Aug. 65 while MAG-36 was in transit to RVN via the USS Princeton I, Dave Magee, (the new Cpl. from MAG-33) was told by GySgt. Timms (NCOIC of H&MS-36 Avionics shop) to report to GySgt.? (his name is long forgotten) on the hangar deck.  When I got to hangar bay three and found the Gunny,  I was issued 782 gear and a rifle, told that I was a squad leader and given a list of 12 names to find out of the crowd milling around in the area, pick fire team leaders and have them fall in with the 1st. platoon.  We reviewed some basic military subjects and were told to report at 0800 the next day.  This routine was continued for a couple of days, I think that most of us thought that this was just busy work for aboard ship.  The afternoon of 31 August we were told that reveille was at 0400 have breakfast and report to the hangar deck by 0500.  When we had steak and eggs for breakfast, being a history buff, I got worried.

My squad and I reported to hangar bay three....Drew two grenades and 100 rounds of 7.62 ammunition and prepared to mount out.  Thirty four years ago today (1 Sep. 1965) the 1st. Provisional Rifle Co. made what we were told was going to be an opposed landing at Ky Ha as part of MAG-36 deploying to RVN.  Thank God that the landing was not opposed, instead we found a small group of MACS-2 people making coffee on the hill that my platoon was to take.  To this day I still remember the awesome feeling of responsibility that a squad leader carries when going into combat.  I also feel the total embarrassment of finding friendlies having coffee on the hill that I had to take.

Below is LCpl. F. S. Cid standing in a fox hole exhibiting the morning hygiene routine with his helmet as a wash basin and shaving creme.  The other 1st. Provisional Rifle Company member in LCpl. W. W. Hanne.

Submitted by:
    Dave Magee, MSgt. USMC (Ret)

Photographs by:
    '65 - '66 Cruise Book
    Tom Peevers, former Sgt. USMC

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