1stSgt. A. W. "Al" Weitlauf's
Letter to Lt. Richardson

4 Apr 66

Lt. Richardson:


Have finally discovered who dropped us the ammo the night of 5 Mar 66.

Seven of us from Co G 2/4, attached to B 1/7, had a hot corner of the perimeter that night.  East sector near (100 yds.) from where you received much fire.

We had fired a lot of ammo a.m. and p.m. fights w/VC that day and had only 30-35 rounds per man left.  B 1/4 gave us some of ammo you and your crew dropped.  Thanks again.  It saved our butts.

It might interest you to know, next morning in front of our small sector were 7 VC bodies.  Drag trails indicated six or more were dragged off.  Blood stains, discarded equipment, bandages etc. leads me to believe 10-12 more.  Captured many VC auto weapons.

On behalf of PFCs Macki, Sumay, Leon, Renaud, Decker, Heck and myself, thanks again to yourself and your crew.

Happy flying,

Most sincerely,
/s/ Al Weitlauf
1stSgt. USMC

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