UH-34D Crashes At Hiep Duc

On November 1, 1965, ten HMM-364 aircraft participated in an ARVN resupply mission commencing from Quang Tin (BT 320230) and going to outposts at Phuc Lam (BT 060070), Tien Phuc (BT 113127) and Hiep Duc (AT 920242).  One aircraft received one round of small arms fire in the tailwheel.  Another aircraft crashed within the confines of the Hiep Duc compound.  The copilot and gunner suffered mior injuries, however, the crash resulted in strike damage to the UH-34D.  The suspected cause of the crash was either power setling or engine failure.  HMM-362 aircraft lifted a quick reaction force of ninety Marines into the crash area to set up a perimeter defense around the aircraft while a maintenance crew stripped the aircraft of any usable parts.  Aircraft from HMM-364 and HMM-362 retracted all of the Marine force and the maintenance crew before darkness.

Information from:
    MAG-36 Command Chronology

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