Ronald B. "Abie" Bloomfield, GySgt., USMC(Ret)

1.  I was the gunner on a resupply mission with Lt. George Lycan.  We had a slight disagreement with a mountain.  We tore off the entire right landing strut, on the door side, also tore in hole in aircraft where it attached to the bird.  Made it back fine.  We had to land on a rigged up flat bed utility trailer, covered with mattresses.

2.  The two Lt's who had a little too much celebration at either Christmas or New Year, and decided they wanted to rearrange the hill by the Officers Club.  They swiped a bulldozer to accomplish this mission.  Col. Somerville had two "Chasers" assigned to 'em for about a week.

3. The kid who feel asleep on guard duty, and had Office Hours with Col. "Slim."  He talked to that young lad so soft and kind, till he asked the lad for his explanation.  The lad said "No Excuse, Sir!"  The Col. then stands up behind his desk, leans over in the kid's face and at the top of his voice yells "You damn right you don't have an excuse, you dumb
S.O.B. you could have got us all killed!!!!.  Lock his ass up, 30 days, you're lucky I don't have ya shot!!"

4.  Capt. "Tricky Dick" Gleason's "Secret" BBQ sauce for those special cook outs.  Remember how he would take all the ingredients, cover his head with a tarpaulin and mix it up. No one ever knew what the exact ratio of ingredients was.

5.  Capt. Gleason's Christmas card.  A picture of him standing outside one of the shitters, with the door open to show the inside, holding a broom handle with rolls of toilet paper stacked on it.  The caption was "Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours !!"

6.  Marvelous SSgt. Marvin "Marv" Verus in S-2, who always ran to cover up the
situation maps, when Charlie Reese and I used to go into the S-2 tent to get him for chow.  We used to harass him and said "Hey Marv, We're in the war too!!"  "What 'cha covering up?, Operation (what ever we were in at the time)."  He says "Who told you about that.  That's classified shit!" and Charlie and I would have a good laugh.

7.  SSgt. Ralph Lawson's Purple Heart !!!???  The presentation ceremony at the squadron formation was hilarious.  The Staff NCO's were all snickering, and Col. "Slim" says, "We don't need comments from the peanut gallery."

8.  I also remember the way the Group Skipper, Col. (at that time) Wm. G. Johnson used to practically bite his cigar in half when ever he heard the words "Purple Foxes" or 364.  When he made General, his name changed to W. GENTRY JOHNSON.  Wonder if he took his tank home with him???

That's enough for now.  I've got more though.

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