General Nguyen Cao Ky
Seen Flying A1-E "Skyraider"

We saw on a few occasions the famous Gen. Ky drive out to the flight line in his jet jockey G-suit, pearl handled revolver, and flowing silk scarf.  He always seemed to be accompanied with a number of pretty young ladies in traditional dress.  It was a great show and it did probably boost the morale of his fliers.  I understand he was a pretty good pilot and not afraid of a fight.  Gen Ky usually took an A1-E "Skyraider".

Most of the flights had a Vietnamese with a USAF pilot along as an advisor giving instruction.  It was always suspect that  most of the hard flying was done by the American.  We didn't care what the arrangement as long as they were in the area with us.  I remember on one flight up North we were having trouble seeing the smoke thrown by and L-19 "Bird Dog".  The smoke keep hanging under the jungle canopy.  We had an A1-E circling above still "hot" with armament who was getting tired of the comedy playing out below.  He radioed he was making a run on the site and dove through the Marine helo formation.  He dropped a napalm canister and said, " I just marked your zone, can you see it ? " The troops moved pretty quickly to get  through the smoking site when we dropped them off.

Submitted by:
    Warren R. Smith, former Cpl. USMC

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