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The Soviet Union had abrogated the 34 month old de facto nuclear testing moratorium on 1 September 1961 by initiating an unprecedented series of atmospheric nuclear tests.  In response the U.S. began a frenzy of various named operations testing their nuclear devices.  HMM-364 supported a phase of these tests known as Operation Dominic I from April 11, 1962 until early November of the same year.
Johnston Island, a small ancient atoll, with a recently constructed rocket launching platform and a small airfield with an extremely short runway.
The THOR rocket launched tests were to evaluate the capabilities of an antiballistic missile to operate in a nuclear environment and the vulnerability of  U.S. reentry vehicles (RVs) to survive a nearby nuclear blast.
Throughout the entire time span of Operation Dominic the Squadron's commanding officer was Major Manning T. Jannell, who later retired as a Brigadier General.  Maj. Jannell had definite ideas on how flights were to be conducted and flight crews organized.  Further, Maj. Jannell's goal was to have 100% aircraft availability for each scheduled missile launch.   He and his Marines achieved the goal.
The crew spent a lot of time waxing their aircraft which proved to serve the Squadron well on extended sea duty by protecting the aircraft and keeping salt water corrosion to a minimum. 
1450 kt Starfish device (W-49 warhead and the MK-4 RV) 

Operation Doninic Video

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